Tech Bike Accessories for Mountain Bikes

Driving in the mountains feels so liberating. You don’t have to worry about traffic, pedestrians and other bikes. However, you need to ensure your safety. That’s why equipping your ride with great tech gadgets will make your journey more enjoyable.

What kind of accessories should you get for your mountain bike? In the world of technological advancement, we’ve chosen 8 bike accessories that will boost your effectiveness. These gadgets will not only improve your performance, but also keep you safe and make your ride look fantastic, so check them out!

1. Lighting system

Are you ready to encounter the revolutionary lighting system for your bike? Whether you choose to road ride or explore the mountains, having a reliable and effective lighting system is essential for keeping you and others safe. So, what kind of lighting system we’re talking about?

To achieve 360-degree visibility and a futuristic look, you need to implement front and backlights. Besides the magnificent futuristic look, lighting systems are usually weatherproof which makes them ideal for any kind of condition. On top of that comprehensive light systems also contain flashing lights when you’re hitting the brake and turn signals. Brake lights are extremely important especially during the mountain biking trip with friends. So, stay safe and install a lighting system.

2. Rear light and camera

Is safety important for you whether you’re on the road or in the mountains? Then you should definitely implement a rear light as well as your lighting system. Containing up to 50 Lumens, rear bike lights make you visible in the road, forest, valley or any kind of terrain you’re at. It alerts others that you’re ahead of them, which can be fantastic for night rides outside.

On top of that, some rear lights contain a 1080p camera that films everything going on behind you. While it uses 30 frames per second, this rear camera film the environment and the happenings behind you. This can be extremely useful in cases of an accident.

3. Go-pro camera

Imagine being able to capture your routes and the excitement you feel while riding your bike. If you want to film your adventures, having a GoPro camera is an essential accessory for your bike. Unlike your rear camera, the GoPro camera films the way you position it.

For a roller-coaster-like feeling, attach your camera to the handlebar and enjoy the ride. Most GoPro cameras are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the drizzle ruining your film. On top of that, different weather conditions can create a movie-like atmosphere you’ll adore.

4. High-tech gloves for cycling

Have you noticed how professional cyclist always wear gloves? But what is tech and cool about them? Luckily, some people invented tech gloves that have more than one purpose. Besides protecting your hands from friction caused by bike handles, high-tech gloves have more functions.

They have LED lights implemented, which makes them a great combo of accessories and functionality. On top of that, they come with a USB chargeable battery, sensors and microprocessor which makes them easier to use. They also absorb sweat, which minimises hand slippery and injuries while you’re mastering obstacles.

5. Bluetooth speaker

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music? Imagine blasting your favourite tunes on max while riding through nature and mastering different obstacles on the trail. Wouldn’t that be exciting? Instead of risking your phone, you can get a portable Bluetooth speaker for your rides.

Attach a Bluetooth speaker to your bike and listen to the music. Most outdoor Bluetooth speakers are water and stain proof, which makes them ideal for mountain biking conditions. Some outdoor Bluetooth speakers come with handy remotes you can use for switching up the songs. Connect your phone or a USB to the speaker and create an atmosphere you’ll enjoy.

6. Smart water bottle

One of the biggest breakthroughs in technology and healthy lifestyle worlds are smart water bottles that have many useful magnificent features. Staying hydrated while cycling is essential for your health and your performance. However, not many people pay attention to the water intake while they are outside. So, how can you fix that?

Get a smart water bottle that measures your liquid intake. It also updates the app on your phone about the quantity of water you’ve drunk. On top of that, you can set up your app to remind you when the time to drink water is. That’s how you’ll prevent dehydration and ensure proper water intake.

7. GPS biking computer

One of the most important tech gadgets for your bike is GPS. While riding through different terrains outside the city, it’s quite easy to get lost if you don’t know your way. So, implementing a high-quality GPS biking computer to your mountain bike is a magnificent way to stay on track and track your progress.

This advanced gadget allows you to easily set up your data for your mountain bicycles, and enjoy the ride no matter where you are. It’s a wireless bike accessory that can also allow you to share ride data with others. Only high-quality mountain bikes allow you to implement such gadget into your ride, so choose the bike you’re about to buy carefully.

8. Light tire pump

A flat tire can happen to anyone, right? However, there is no worse feeling than being in the middle of the mountain biking adventure and having to stop because you have a flat tire! As most people don’t carry a replacement tire with them, having a pump is the only solution.

Having a light, the portable pump is the ultimate bike maintenance gadget everyone should own. It’s portable, easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space on your bike. So, there’s no excuse to not owning a pump as it’s an essential maintenance pack for every ride on your bike.


As you can see, these biking accessories not only improve the looks of your bicycle but also increase your effectiveness and performance while riding. As they use the newest technology, they are extremely handy for mountain bicycles and different types of terrains. So, don’t waste time, enhance your experience by implementing these accessories to your bike!

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