Ever Wondered, Which Is The Strongest Beyblade To Win A Bayblade Battle?

Hey there Beyblade enthusiasts, are you ready to impress your friends with one of the strongest Beyblades out there? or have you ever wondered why a friend rarely loses a Beyblade battle?

Well if you have ever thought about impressing your fellows or if you are planning to take on the kid who seldomly loses, then you are at the right place.

I know that every person with a passion for the best Beyblade in the world takes the battles very seriously, and choosing the right Beyblade is the most important thing. Here we have provided a complete guide about what to consider before making a purchase and we have presented our top picks to help you decide which Beyblade is best for you.

What To Look For When Buying A Beyblade?

When it comes to buying Beyblades, you just cant undermine the importance of the necessary accessories required for a good performance. A good Beyblade can only give its best performance only when it is placed in the most optimum environment.

Battle Stadiums

These special bucket-shaped stadiums are specially designed for the passionate Beyblades to test their tops. They aren’t meant to be spun on any floor. The stadiums have a special purpose of containing them and providing a smooth surface where they can hit each other.

Usually the best stadiums are made up of ABS plastic, which is quite durable. If the stadium gets cracked one should discard it.


If you want your top to perform just like Tyson Granger’s Beyblade, then you need to have the perfect launcher for your top. A good launcher provides a firm grip and a high angular speed.

For the best performance, the launcher should be chosen carefully, because a large launcher might not hold firmly and this may affect the speed, but if a launcher holds too tightly, it might not allow the top to spin properly.

You should test a few launchers before making a purchase and let it rip……..

Components of the Beyblade

Its not just a single body toy, impacts it is comprised of three components which have a considerable impact on the performance.

The shinny top of the Beyblade is necessary when you find yourself in a battle. It helps in striking the opponent and plays a crucial role in winning.

When you strike your opponent, you should be able to stabilize and the strong disk in the middle is just for this purpose. It provides the perfect balance your Beyblade needs when spinning at high speeds and striking at the same time.

For any Beyblade, the driver is the most vital component. You want a Beyblade to be used in a battle or not, but you should know how important the driver is for any Beyblade. It is at the point of contact with the ground. It provides balance and high speed and also controls the direction in which the top is spinning.

The Right Beyblade for You

So now we know how important the accessories and the components are for a Beyblade to perform well. It is these components that classify a Beyblade. There are a few types of Beyblades which you should look for according to your interest.

  • Attacking Beyblades are the ones with a strong driver that provides high speeds due to which they move a lot in the stadium.
  • Defensive Beyblades do not move a lot in the stadium and stay at the center. They are perfect at bearing the strikes and attacking when required.
  • Stamina Beyblades are the ones that last the longest. They are an excellent choice to be used against the attacking type Beyblades.

These were the necessary things to consider before you go to buy a Beyblade for yourself. Considering all these factors after extensive research we bring you what we consider as one of the best Beyblades out there. 

Our Top Picks

Beyblade Burst Evolution Spryzen S2

This is the Beyblade known for its attacking ability. The lighter weight makes it quick and upon a strategic launch, the rubber driver wears out with time making it more aggressive against the opponents.

It is not suitable to be used against other attacking Beyblades, because its light weight can cause it to knock out.

Takara Tommy B-142 Judgment Joker

When it comes to making the best quality Beyblades Takara Tommy doesn’t let you down. B-142 is an all-around Beyblade with the ability to stabilize itself and unleash its full fearsome attack capable of destroying your opponent. 

The trick driver allows it to dodge the attack. While the dual rubber blades provide the best attack with amazing resilience. And the hefty top provides an excellent balance.

Takara Tommy B-59

Spoiler Alert!. This list has many Takara Tommy Beyblades, for obvious reasons. B-59 is designed for beginners and is a stamina Beyblade. So the beginners don’t have to worry about attacking.

It has metal balls attached which provide a longer duration. When it spins at higher speeds the balls move to the edges, providing even higher speeds, and when the speed starts to slow down the balls move back towards the center. 

Takara Tommy B-103 Beyblade Burst

B-103 is a defensive Beyblade and provides an excellent defense against other opponents. It has a long driver which generates a lot of momentum and a long duration of spinning.

The external layer made up of bright yellow and orange colors make it aesthetically more appealing and it definitely stands out when performing in the stadium. 

Its metallic driving tip reduces friction exponentially and provides long-lasting performance. But this isn’t suitable to play against more attacking types. 

Takara Tommy Beyblade Burst B-155

With an aesthetic look, it is one of the best Beyblade in the world. It can either spin to the right or to the left and can also change from defense to attack. A metallic weight mounted near the base provides an excellent balance.

B-155 is a very unique Beyblade. It has the ability to switch gears during a battle. In the beginning, it starts as an extremely offensive opponent and moves around most of the stadium, but as time passes, it focuses more on maintaining its momentum.

The dual layers provide the necessary stamina in a battle.

Takara Tommy B-148 Pegasus

This is one of the finest stamina Beyblades out there. It is considered to win most of the matches. A powerful driver provides an amazing balance with high speeds. The powerful metallic top provides great defense and doesn’t let most of the attacking type Beyblades to overpower.

The aesthetic looking wings provide a strong resilience against the multiple strikes and add to the beauty of this amazing Beyblade.


Most people can not distinguish between the Beyblades, to them almost all of them are the same. But, there are a lot of factors that classify a Beyblade. Each of them has unique features to offer. Some have an aggressive stance in a battle, while others defend. To have such defensive or offensive strategies you must know about the details of the Beyblade.

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