StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar: A Quick Comparison

When it comes to webinar software, StealthSeminar and EverWebinar are both powerful tools. Comparing StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar would be quite tough. After all, both platforms have stellar performance when running automated webinars.

So how are they similar and what are their differences? Keep reading for a quick comparison between the two.


With StealthSeminar you not only funnel leads and automate webinars, but also maximize conversions. You can test the webinar software for free to have a feel of their features.

Here are some of the powerful features you can expect when using this automated webinar software.

1. Pick Webinar Types

Stealth Seminar does more than just the average automated webinar. You have the option to choose different webinar types such as Automated Webinar, Dedicated Replay, YouTube Live, and Hybrid Webinar.

If you’re wondering, the YouTube live webinar type actually allows you to be live. Hybrid webinars, on the other hand, are a great way to enjoy a mixture of both automated and live webinars. This is something EverWebinar doesn’t have.


2. Set a Schedule

Scheduling is a vital aspect to consider when it comes to automated webinar software. So what does StealthSeminar have to offer?

  • Just in Time Schedule
  • Time Zone Scheduling
  • Watch Yesterday’s Webinar Now
  • Registration Start Date End Date

StealthSeminar has tons to offer when it comes to scheduling features. If you compare StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar in terms of scheduling, they’re quite similar. One doesn’t really have the upper hand as both offer plenty of customization options.

3. Customize Many Things

StealthSeminar has a lot going on when it comes to customizing pages, including:

  • Countdown Pages
  • Email Reminders (Before and After the Webinar)
  • Legal Content Pages
  • Registration Confirmation Emails
  • Thank You Pages
  • Watch Pages
  • Webinar Complete Pages

Many of the things mentioned above you can also customize with EverWebinar. Except for maybe, the Legal Content.

4. Receive Good Customer Service

You can test different webinar software tools online, but when it comes to customer support, StealthSeminar goes above and beyond. In fact, in their first follow-up email, they’ll ask you if you need any help with your set-up.

What’s more Stealth Seminar has the screen support option. This allows the tech team to get a good look at what you’re having trouble with. You’ll definitely be impressed with the top-notch customer support that comes along with this webinar software.

5. Import Past Webinars

Unlike EverWebinar, StealthSeminar won’t ask you to pay extra if you need to import your past webinars to your automated webinar software or platform to make it evergreen. Unfortunately, with EverWebinar, you can only do this with webinars already loaded in WebinarJam.

If you use Stealth Seminar software, you are able to upload any standard video files and run them as often as you like through automation. Moreover, you won’t need external software or memberships to other webinar platforms.


How much is this automated webinar software? There are two ways to pay for StealthSeminar, either annually or monthly.

A monthly starter plan can cost you around $69.95, while an annual starter plan can cost $58.29 – that’s per month payment. For more details, you can visit directly their pricing page.


EverWebinar as an automated webinar software also does an amazing job. They’re similar in many ways to Stealth Seminar that it’s hard to spot the difference.

Here are some of the features you can take advantage of from this webinar platform.

1. Automate Live Chat

Again, this is a feature that both platforms have. You have the option to: enable or disable a live chat, or display a question box.

Being able to save real comments from attendees is a favorite chat-related feature by users. It lets you grow your number of comments over time and slowly add them to your webinars, making them appear as “live” as possible.

2. Make Use Of Templates

Templates make automated webinars easier. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start off with a template then customize your way through it. Customizing from square one can take too much time. In this case, EverWebinar has a leg up with their specific templates.

There are even templates available which you can use for Thank You pages as well. And yes, StealthSeminar and EverWebinar both come with split-testing.


If you’re looking into the pricing of EverWebinar, you can pick from either of these three ways to pay:

  • Installment ($199 x 3)
  • Annual ($499)
  • Biennial ($799)

The cost mentioned involves yearly payment, except for Biennial which you have to pay for every two years. Price can be a big deal-breaker for some people when choosing webinar platforms. When it comes to the battle of price between EverWebinar vs. Stealth Seminar, focus on the features you need first.

So Which One Will You Choose?

Stealth Seminar and Ever Webinar are both powerful tools. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be in a great spot. Whichever you pick for your online business, we genuinely hope it builds and grows your sales.

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