Latest Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas to Match your Style

Some latest farmhouse kitchen ideas are white barn doors, a wooden kitchen island, brick-style walls, patterned kitchen floor tiles, and many more. 

What do you think of farmhouse kitchens? You do not necessarily have to enjoy that farmhouse vibe in countryside kitchens. You can create your rustic design with a handful of kitchen ideas. It is beautiful, practical, and easily accessible. If you would like to have that rustic allure, get ready for a few renovations. From walls to backsplashes to your kitchen floor tiles, all should reflect this style. 

Furthermore, the concept of a farmhouse kitchen has rustic décor with a stylish outlook. If that is what you are looking for, follow some latest trends. Moreover, you can keep the contemporary style in these countryside kitchens. 

So, look at some of the trendiest farmhouse editions to match your style. The best ones are below:

  1. Farm kitchen baskets
  2. A brick-style white backsplash
  3. Stunning white pullout doors
  4. Wooden table or kitchen island
  5. Wood-looking best kitchen floor tiles
  6. White rustic décor
  7. Getting patterned floor tiles
  8. A brick wall within the kitchen
  9. Uncovered wooden beams

Farm kitchen baskets:

Farm baskets are the best items to give a rustic texture to your kitchen. They are brown, lightweight, and easy to carry around. If you have a kitchen island, farm kitchen baskets are perfect for serving bread and displaying fruits. Also, these farmer baskets are compact and leave enough space for dough and rolling.

A brick-style white backsplash:

A proper countryside kitchen features brick walls or backsplashes. A white brick-style backsplash above wooden kitchen cabinetry will look stunning. Moreover, these walls or areas pair well with dark wooden cabinets and islands. Add more grace to your stylish cooking space with a white ceiling and black pendant lights.

Stunning white pullout doors:

Have you tried to pull outdoors yet? If not, then separate your kitchen from the living area by using barn sliding doors. Also, keep them white and clean. It is not only visually appealing but also practical to have a stylish outlook. These white partitions support the white rustic kitchen themes.

Wooden table or Kitchen Island:

A kitchen island is both sensible and alluring for a busy cooking space. And a farmhouse is not complete without a wooden kitchen island and a marble countertop. So, if you intend to create a farmhouse feel, you can get a wooden table and place it in the center of the kitchen. Typically, a kitchen island or a wooden dining set serves as the focal point of the room. Plus, the unfinished wooden island is the best choice to suit this style.

Wood-looking kitchen floor tiles:

As far as flooring is concerned, most of the rustic kitchens have hardwood floors. But, it is not mandatory to attain this look. For city dwellers, wood-looking floor tiles are also an apt choice for farmhouse kitchens. Moreover, you can go from typical plain flooring to wood-patterned flooring with clean lines. Vinyl plank flooring can serve the same purpose as well. 

White rustic décor:

Unfinished wooden cabinets and ceilings are still in trend. But, white wooden cabinets are the best flavor to add to the rustic décor. In addition, it looks brighter with natural light and fancy lights. Add a white backsplash to amplify the look.  

Getting patterned floor tiles:

If wood kitchen floor tiles are not your taste in home décor, go for patterned tiles. Floor tiles with an intricate design look stunning in rustic kitchen style. Moreover, it is equally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Blue and white patterned floor tiles, for instance, will look great with white kitchen cabinets. Also, this idea works well for black cabinets. 

A brick wall within the kitchen:

The crimson colors of brick walls are the perfect accent to add to a farmhouse theme. If you want to keep up with trends but want to keep it traditional, opt for one brick-style wall. In this way, it will become the centerpiece of your cooking space. Face it daily and enjoy the hot meals.

Uncovered Wood Beams:

Typically, farmhouses have uncovered beams. Having this type of ceiling in your kitchen will give it a rustic feel. It does not matter if the rest of the kitchen is modern. The style can still be realistic and stylish. Moreover, you can keep it minimal and alluring with white walls, cabinets, countertops, and floor tiles. 


No doubt, a farmhouse kitchen is a delight to have around. There are many ways to achieve that look while living in the city. For starters, add some farm baskets, white barn doors, and a white brick backsplash. In addition, rustic white décor, a wooden island, and patterned kitchen floor tiles will complete the farmhouse look. For the best floor tiles, check out Nesttile. Try these latest concepts and bring rustic style to your home today!

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