Identifying Moonstone Ring What You Need to Know


The gorgeous stone Moonstone is stealing the hearts of everyone; it is one of the mandatory to be sold at the stores. The stone has a beautiful sheen within the soft colors which are very luring, and moreover, it has a bland appearance that is made spectacular in the presence of light and movement. The meaning behind the name represents the sheen visual effect, showing the play of colors which is caused by the light diffraction within the sodium, potassium, aluminum, silicate, and the other micro-structure of regular succession feldspar layers. Anyone who wears the Moonstone Jewelry can see the change in themself in terms of bringing calm, peace, and balance into life. The stone has connections with the mother moon, deep healing waters, and sacred feminine energies. In fact, this stone is a stone of protection, and another name for the Moonstone is Hectolitre.

The Facts Associated with The Moonstone

It is basically the soft and shimmering stone that is associated with mystery, psychic abilities, and feminine power. The pieces of Moonstone will remind the wearer about the night sky, the steady and reliable cycle of darkness giving way to light. People in the past believed that this stone came from the sky above, as they were trapped as moonbeams. They have come to the earth taking all the energies from the Moon and would give their energies to the person wearing the stone in different forms. Moreover, the Romans said that these stones were the solidified moonbeams, and the moon goddess Diana can be seen in every piece of Moonstone necklace or any jewelry piece made with Moonstone.

Choosing a Moonstone Ring is Best

Many kinds of jewelry are created from the Moonstone, such as Moonstone rings, pendants, necklaces, cuff bracelets, and earrings. The wearer can choose to wear the stone in whatever form they want to wear it. As it is the stone of good luck, the wearer would always be protected while traveling late at night or from unsafe areas. However, these stones will enhance inner growth and strength, stabilize the person’s emotions, improve the owner’s intuition power, soothe emotional stress, and promote inspiration. It is excellent for the ones who are beginning some new venture, as it will eventually guide them on the correct way of following up in their life and business.

glowing moonstone

The Connection Created in Love by Wearing the Moonstone

This stone is impressive for illuminating the wearers from the inside, and it will for sure guide them on their inward journey. In many countries, the Moonstone is used as a ring of love, and people gift this ring to their partner on any occasion. And some even use it as their engagement ring, as it appears to look like a diamond ring, but it is much affordable. Moreover, the sterling silver moonstone ring increases the love between the couple, creating understanding and making their relationship stronger.

Making it Long Last and Forever Working

It is essential to take care of the ring to long last its energies, and the owner of the stone should wash the stone with ordinary tap water after every use. Also, they have to keep it away from the lotion, perfumes, and other creams. Otherwise, it could lose its shine and its actual appearance, so the wearer should wear the jewelry at last and remove them at first while coming back to home. The owner of the Moonstone rings can keep their stone under the Moon on the full moon day so that the Moonstone can take the energy from the Moon and get recharged to give its tremendous healing energy.

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