How eCommerce SEO Agency SEOLeverage Can Boost

Like any other eCommerce business, your Shopify store can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). It does need some special services, though, as it has several aspects that require some professional help.

This is why you need the eCommerce SEO agency SEOLeverage. Given their several years of experience, this team of experts can help boost your Shopify SEO performance almost immediately.

The SEO agency makes this possible through the following aspects:

SEO Website Audits

To help your Shopify company rank higher in Google and other search engines, SEO Leverage first needs to perform a comprehensive website audit.

These experts do so through a deep dive audit, which comes with a manual touch. This web service helps the agency determine the following:

  • Website usability, including its current performance and present competitors
  • Keyword research, organic search analysis, presence of thin or duplicate content
  • Technical aspects, like structured data, tags, internal links, and image optimization
  • Link audits

With the help of such data, these marketing experts can create a strategy that can boost your digital presence.

Shopify Page SEO Site Speed

Generally speaking, the faster your company website is, the more organic traffic you stand to get.

Case in point: e-Commerce sites that load for more than three seconds often see half of their potential visits abandoned. Because of this, Google treats speed as a ranking factor for desktop and mobile searches alike.

So, if you want search engines to index your site higher, you need to help boost your site speed.

Apart from conducting periodic site audit tools, the SEO agency will use programs like PageSpeed Insights to evaluate and improve the speed of your eCommerce store.

Online Store Image Optimization

Since your customer can’t hold your product, your SEO strategy should focus on uploading the best images possible.

The problem, however, is that high-def images can bog down your site speed. As mentioned, speed is an essential factor when it comes to search engine optimization.

To prevent this from happening, SEO Leverage can help optimize your images by compressing them. These SEO consulting experts can also help with the ALT text, which is another thing that Google evaluates in image SEO.

e-Commerce Site Design

Improving your site’s design should not just be for aesthetic purposes. Remember: You can use it as an effective business SEO strategy as well.

SEO Leverage can boost your online site’s design by:

  • Keeping your website simple and easy to navigate
  • Using fonts that don’t affect site speed
  • Including text links that lead to the product’s e-Commerce page
  • Ensuring the use of high-quality yet compressed images

If you are looking for ways to enhance your e-commerce store, look no further than the below list of must-have Shopify plugins, FeedGeni aka. Product Feed Generator: The Feed Generator App also ensures that titles are optimized so that search engines can quickly identify and display product listings when they are requested.

Shopify SEO Site Structure and Canonicals

By default, your Shopify website comes with two types of URLs:

  • <>/collection/<collection name>/products/<product name>
  • <>/products/<product name

Although the website addresses this with the canonical directive, Google still has to process these two URLs and choose the best link to list.

With SEO Leverage, you may avoid Google picking the longer one and instead stick with the shorter, optimized link.

Robots.txt File and Noindex Meta-tag

Shopify has a series of directives that prevents you from overriding your robots.txt file. If you want Google to avoid indexing content, SEO Leverage can help you use the ‘noindex’ directives in your website.

The noindex meta-tag is the only way to prevent Google from indexing a specific link. If you want to remove a link from the search engine results, you need to edit your theme. liquid file.

If you’re not an expert in code, you need not worry, as all you need to do is call the eCommerce SEO agency. These experts can readily add lines of code that will remove a particular link from being indexed by the Google platform.

General Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Aspects

While eCommerce sites like Shopify have their unique SEO challenges, they follow general search engine optimization rules.

Here are some things that SEO Leverage can do to improve your eCommerce SEO:

  • Optimize meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Ensure the presence of unique content on every web page
  • Check and remove duplicate or almost-duplicate online content
  • Facilitate content marketing to draw clients from every stage of the buying journey
  • Use Google search console to leverage your site

Digital Marketing

Apart from providing SEO consulting services, may help you with eCommerce digital marketing as well.

For one, it can aid you with keyword research. These experts can also help you create content that will rank higher in search engine results.

The agency can also promote your site through various social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It can also help you draw more organic traffic through email campaigns and discount strategies.

Without a doubt, SEO Leverage can help your business rank higher and enjoy a better conversion rate. Contact them today to enjoy these benefits.

Advertising has consistently been tied in with interfacing with your crowd in the perfect spot and at the perfect time. Today, that implies you need to meet them where they are as of now investing energy: in the web.

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