A complete list of link building strategies for SEO

link building strategies

With the ever-evolving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the industry has taken the world by storm. Perhaps, link building is one of its foundations that keeps it standing tall among other online marketing strategies. Link-building involves marketers and SEO professionals acquiring links to their content to generate leads and higher search engine rankings.

However, the key is to use only relevant, high-quality, and natural links to establish a good rapport with other sites and enhance your content. Moreover, one must subtly incorporate the anchor text following the context of the links and the content. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, creating a backlink to your site requires careful planning and execution of the link-building strategies.

Since the SEO world keeps changing, there are some tricks you need to learn to up your game to among the top search results. However, there are a few tactics you need to perform before you begin the link-building spree. Here’s a comprehensive list of cutting-edge link-building strategies for SEO that can help you in the year 2021.

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If your site runs on a Content Management System (CMS), you would probably require an RSS feed. However, while you create your RSS feed, you must incorporate internal links of your websites’ different pages to protect your content from online theft by other sites Such as Lebanon News where they use rss feed to create backlinks for thier site. The internal links you add may not result in digital thieves giving you the credits of your content they steal. But it will cause them to at least copy your internal links.


Internal links are crucial for a high-quality, successful SEO campaign. The most important part of incorporating internal links is you have the liberty to take control and make your own choices, unlike external links. From the page location to the anchor text, you can take charge of your site and make changes accordingly. The internal link strategy is perhaps an essential technique to compete and thrive in the SEO domain as you can keep a check on your content, generate topical relevance, add quality links whenever required, and incorporate relevant anchor texts, all by yourself. One of its advantages is that it is not automated. Therefore, you can make changes anytime you want according to your current needs.


The quality and authority of a particular site influence the search engine rankings of your page. The content plays a significant role in generating visitors and converting leads. According to statistics, blogging has 97% more inbound links and 55% more site visitors. Guest Blogging, Reverse Guest Blogging and Live blogging are three techniques you can adopt to enhance your content approach. Although Guest blogging has become redundant previously, it is still effective if you consider a few things.

Sites that have quality content should be your focus since it is the content that determines the value of a link. Also, focus on relevant and contextually embedded links for your blogs and suitable anchor texts. Moreover, you are required to have a detailed understanding of your target audience so that you can create seasonal, Google-friendly blogs using appropriate keywords that can be shared frequently and can drive more traffic. However, whichever approach you choose, you must vary the quality you provide, be it the content or the links you use. 


Some bloggers embed podcasts and videos on their blogs, whereas some publish them in their native language. Transcribing the audio and translating it into a comprehensible language is an impressive piece of content for the sites. If you send the link of your work to those bloggers, they will add your link to their site, eventually attracting visitors.


Infographic is a link-building tactic that works better than blogging as it generates organic traffic to your blog, leading to several valuable links. You can create and share it separately or incorporate it inside a blog post. Infographics are essential components of link building strategy as it enhances the content, saves time, and is shareable. Visual content drives 37.5 percent more backlinks than a typically written post, consequently generating more traffic.


Social Media is perhaps one of the most efficient tools to share links and increase outreach. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Google+, there are a plethora of media channels you can use to create link-building activities and upgrade your outreach program. It largely depends on the niche of your content as to which platform you wish to use.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, there are numerous link building outreach strategies for SEO. It is better to consider what suits best your content, need, and style. But before you opt for these, you need to check for any broken or lost links and reclaim them in, timely. Also, work on your content, always consider researched content and choose quality-driven backlinks for your site.

Furthermore, use visual and interactive aids to attract the audience and earn links. Nevertheless, one must carefully plan and execute these strategies since one wrong link can lead to Google penalizing you heavily and leading your site to be blocked. Therefore, you must always use high-quality links with a wholly integrated marketing strategy.