E-Learning and its Role in English Language Teaching


Cost, time, and convenience – all these are benefits of e-learning. When COVID-19 entered the planet and started spreading at lightning-fast speed, schools and colleges had to shut down. Students have been inside their homes for more than a year and most of them had to attend their graduation on an online platform. 

Times have changed and precautions need to be taken. E-learning has made life easier for teachers and students, as it helps in cutting costs and providing convenience. 

Are there any other benefits of e-learning? Well, here’s an article that sheds light on this subject and also highlights how e-learning plays an important role in English language teaching. Let’s get started. 

The Perks of e-Learning 

Before understanding the role of e-learning in English language teaching, let’s understand the advantages as a whole. 

  1. e-Learning can help in advancing a student’s tech skills. Earlier there used to be computer lessons but now students are dealing with PCs and laptops themselves. 
  2. Students can learn at their own pace. In a physical classroom setting, students were not able to grasp concepts in the class. But now they can record the class and watch it later. 
  3. Asking questions in a physical classroom may lead to giggles from classmates. Online learning allows you to ask as many queries. But this is possible with an online tutor. Moreover, you do not feel any hesitation while asking questions. 
  4. E-learning is democratising education. It is available to everyone and everywhere. 
  5. Students are able to explore the internet and search for concepts while the teacher teaches. In a classroom setting, you are not allowed to use phones or a laptop. But in online learning, you can look for concepts while it is being taught. 
  6. Students who want to study abroad can be in their native place and take online lessons. Flight tickets and accommodation are expensive. But with online learning, you can save money. Even if you are living close to the college or university, you are still saving conveyance charges. 

Are there any disadvantages of e-learning? 

There is one disadvantage of e-learning, which is that some students may skip the class and not revisit. 

Holding exams online or giving essays to write will probably lead to cheating as well. So, the edtech department needs to weigh the pros and cons and find out ways to eliminate risks of students cheating or missing classes deliberately. 

E-learning and English Language Teaching 

E-learning has given scope for online language tutors to teach students from all over the world. You can select a tutor, and they can work on your English. 

You will get assignments to work on, and they will constantly monitor the progress. Learning English online is easy because there are many professional language tutors on reliable platforms like Ivory. 

You can gain access to English language tutors online, take a demo class, and then hire the best one. 

These learning platforms are excellent places to get started. Unlike school and college teachers, tutors are able to give you undivided attention, and they use different methodologies to make learning fun and interesting.