Reasons For Disputes Between Web Developers And Graphic Designers

dispute between web designer and graphic designer

There is always an element of conflict when two or more people work on a similar task; there is always likely to be a clash of opinion and judgment. Graphic designers and web developers also have a comparable connection to each other. Particularly when operating in the best web design company, it is predictable that there will be a verbal or hidden fight between designers and developers.

As a part-time designer, I have collaborated with several expert web developers and have faced this problem as well. Therefore, below are some of the main reasons why disputes arise between the two working experts:

Personal Goals

The main problem that causes disagreement between a graphic designer and a web developer is the disparity in the fulfilment of personal goals. Rather than serving a common purpose, they both have their own set of goals that ultimately serve a single cause … customer approval. The main goal of the web design company is to make the design visually appealing and customer-friendly. While on the contrary, the key purpose of the developer is to ensure functionality and ease of use for the viewer.

Method Difference

The subsequent concern that hampers the designer/developer is the mindset. Both have a totally conflicting approach to operation. While designers have a creative mindset, developers are useful and intellectual types. Designers try to play with a variety of graphic design elements like typeface, colors, and shapes. In the course, they are unaware of the complexity for developers to transfer those complex styles to their coding languages.

File Formats Problem

Another key point of discussion is the wrong file formats. Since the graphic designer’s main weapon is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, he generally prefers to submit his work to the developer in EPS or PDF format. That actually irritates developers to accept files that contain multiple layers. Similarly, sometimes when developers throw scripts to designers as a mockup, an invalid file format issue arises again as graphic designers are not familiar with scripts.

Undue Credit

In a large number of cases, designers take most of the credit for design work. Be it logo design or graphic design; designers usually get all the honor and credit as they are at the forefront of the procedure. While developers are, as a rule, at the end of the entire project, they are sidelined when it comes time for recognition and admiration.

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Digital Image

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Printing Technology

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Layout And Design

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