How to Make Your Own Wanted Poster With PhotoADKing

How to make wanted poster

A Wanted poster in the old-west style is a fun way to honor someone, and they can also be used as party invitations, decorations, or greeting cards. Use graphic software and free assets such as fonts and textures to create your own Wanted poster, or you can use an online tool like PhotoADKing to create one in seconds.

Create a Wanted Poster with PhotoADKing

To quickly make a custom Wanted poster using your web browser:

Stap 1: Select Wanted Poster Template

Go to PhotoADKing in your web browser and select the Wanted poster template that you need.

Step 2: Sign Up or Login in PhotoADKing

Step 3: Start Editing Wanted Poster Template

You can change below details as per your need

  • Image
  • Name of Person
  • Details of person
  • Contact details

Step 4: Add Your Own Photo

Steps to replace Image

  • Select Image from template
  • Click on “Replace” Button
  • Click on “Upload” Button
  • Click on “Browse Images”
  • Upload Image from Your Drive
  • Select Uploaded Image

Step 5: Save and Download Wanted Poster

You can download your edited Wanted poster or you can save it by clicking on the “Save” button for future use.

Apart from the PhotoADKing, you also can create wanted poster using application. Here are two application that will help you to create wanted poster in a few taps.

Android App to create Wanted Poster

iOS app to create wanted poster

Wanted Poster Examples

Example of a Wanted Poster
Minimalist Blank Wanted Poster
Minimalist Blank Wanted Poster
Wanted Poster Idea
Simple Wanted Poster

How Does a Wanted Poster Work?

There are certain attributes associated with old west Wanted posters. In order to design your own, you will need:

  • It is a paper texture that appears faded, wrinkled, or torn.
  • To make the poster look like it is plastered on a building, I used a wood texture background.
  • “Mugshot” photos in black-and-white or sepia tone for an antique appearance.
  • A large, bold Western font reads “Wanted” across the top of the poster.
  • Additional text such as the crime and reward is displayed in another font.

Here you can learn the types of brochure.