Everything You Need to Know About Brochure Types


There has been much discussion about why you should use brochure marketing. Using brochures is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Your product or service details are explained in ample space, as well as great visuals to grab your target market’s attention.

Brochures cannot be used in the same way as other marketing materials. For your promotions, you can take advantage of any online graphic design tool that provides free brochure templates. There aren’t a lot of articles discussing brochure folds and how they can be used.

In addition to its numerous folds, a brochure has another unique feature. When using brochures for marketing, you need to know when to use them most effectively. Depending on which content resonates most with your target market, you should select the appropriate brochure fold.

Today, brochures are one of the most versatile and productive marketing media, but when we create a brochure for our product, we often limit our thinking. When it comes to printing, we tend to gravitate towards the popular Letter Fold (Tri-Fold) format. Despite the fact that this is a great format, there are many others that may be more suitable for your message. What are the different types of brochures? Let’s take a look.

Half Fold Brochure

half fold brochure

In general, folding in half a sheet involves folding the long end of the sheet in half. The basic fold in this design works well for basic presentations or information sheets, and it has the appearance of a booklet.

Letter Fold (Tri-Fold)

tri fold brochure

A slightly shorter panel is tucked inside two longer panels in this manner, resulting in two panels folded this way. In general, this brochure fold is considered one of the most versatile and commonly used. Business and product marketing brochures usually use letter fold designs. You can learn some tips on how to design this brochure, along with a free brochure template on PhotoADKing how to design a brochure online.

Z Fold

z fold brochure

The Z Fold is similar to the Letter Fold brochure, but instead of one panel tucking inside, the three panels are folded evenly in opposite directions. It is the perfect choice for mailed pieces or designs that span multiple panels. In our post How to Create a Z Fold Brochure in Illustrator CC, you can learn more about designing this brochure and download a free template. You can easily create your brochure from any online brochure maker app which provides dozens of pre-made templates.

Open Gate Fold

open gate brochure

In Open Gate Folds, two shorter panels obscure one larger panel, giving the impression of a double-door opening. This can be used for graphically complex designs that require a big reveal.

Four-Panel Parallel Fold

four panel brochure

An example of a Four-Panel Parallel Fold might be like a Half-Fold tucked inside a Half-Fold. Such a design might be used for event programs or promotional leaflets.

Closed Gate Fold

closed gate brochure

It consists of two panels that can be tucked inside a Half-Fold. Due to this, it initially opens as a Half-Fold, then opens as an Open Gate Fold. It is best suited for presentations with a large audience.

Accordion Fold

accordition fold brochure

Accordion folds are similar to Z folds but have four panels instead of three. If you need to include a lot of information or text in your designs, this is a good choice.

Roll Fold

roll fold brochure

Roll Folds are Half Folds rolled into another Half Fold in sort of a rolling motion. This is an ideal choice for instructional books or tutorials.

Quarter Fold

quarter fold brochure

The long end is folded in half, and the new long end is folded in half as well. This configuration is sometimes used as a Half-Fold when the inside is left blank. Invitations and menus frequently have this configuration.