All About Sleeping On Your Back Must To Know

If you are not, but you may well be swayed to shift the pill-juggling-wrinkling side sleep to sleeping on the back after learning about these advantages. In short, certainly yes. By sleeping on the back, you let your spine does most of its restorative work in an evenly balanced neutral position with your legs positioned to take advantage of the natural inward curve of the spine. And if you get up in the morning and find that you still feel like a slouch, then you can always sleep on the side!

Things happen by sleeping on your back

Neutral Position

Neutral Position

There are several reasons why you may wish to sleep on the side. For starters, sleeping on the side means that you are sleeping in a fairly neutral position, which is a great benefit when you consider that many people sleep on their backs or their stomachs. (The stomach provides a great deal of pressure and weight, especially at night, as our gravity pulls down on our heads and presses down on the stomach and hips.) In a normal position, your lower back would be straight, with your head just above the ribs.

However, if you lie on your stomach, or if your upper body leans forward, then your head will be lifted off the ground, with your entire torso elevated by nearly one foot. This means that your head will be higher than your heart, and if you are sleeping on the back, the effect will be like being upside down!

Another reason why you may wish to sleep on the back is to reduce lower back pain. 

back pain

A great many people suffer from some form of lower back pain, primarily because of their lifestyle, which includes an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and poor posture. These causes cause pressure on the muscles of the lower back, and if you lay on your stomach or if your bed is tilted too far forward, then you can put undue pressure on the lower back muscles.

If you sleep in a neutral position and sleep on your stomach, then this will relieve pressure on the lower back muscles, and you can get a good night’s rest! If you are having trouble sleeping then try using essential oils for relaxation and sleep. This will provide you all the comfort that you need for a night of deep sleep.

Of course, sleeping on the stomach or a flat surface is not the only option, and it is certainly not recommended for everyone. Some people are naturally born to sleep on their sides, and for these people, sleeping on their backs is not a problem at all. If you feel that you need to change your sleeping position for some reason, such as your job or other concerns, then you should inform your doctor first. Also, keep in mind that sleeping in an unnatural position may have serious side effects.

If you have problems with sleeping, no matter what sleeping position you choose, you may also want to try various other methods, such as aromatherapy, massage therapy, deep breathing exercises, yoga, and even going to see a chiropractor or massage therapist. These are all-natural methods that are not as invasive as surgeries, and they are less likely to cause side effects.

It may be a good idea to start trying out some of these methods to see which ones work best for you. If none of these methods work, then perhaps you should seek out the help of a qualified medical professional! Also keep in mind that you need to have good quality bedding items to get a better sleeping position as well as good peaceful sleep such as a mattress, bed frame, duvets, and colorful duvet cover, etc.

pregnant women and for anyone who suffers from back pain 

pregnant women and back pain

There are several reasons for this. Sleeping on the back increases the pressure on the spinal cord due to the uneven weight distribution. Sleeping on the stomach allows the spinal cord to not receive the same support as it does when a person sleeps on their side. Also, sleeping on the stomach or side prevents the proper release of the natural lubricating fluid that lines the interior of the inner part of the mattress.

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Uncomfortable, incorrect sleeping position. 

When sleeping on the stomach, the lower back receives little or no support, and the head has no real support. Not only is there no support provided by the lower back, but also there is no real curvature to the spine. When sleeping on the stomach, you are more prone to snoring than when sleeping in a neutral position.

When trying to find sleeping positions for pregnancy, you should try to sleep on the side or stomach.

sleeping positions for pregnancy

It is important to keep the spine straight. Many pregnant women have reported that sleeping on their sides with their stomachs at an angle provides adequate support and reduces some of the discomforts. Sleeping in an unusual or incorrect position may increase the risk of injury. Trying out several sleeping positions, especially during early pregnancy, may help the expecting mother to sleep comfortably on her back.

During the third trimester try sleeping on the side with your lower back slightly elevated. 

Elevate your lower back by placing pillows underneath your knees. Your upper body will be supported and gravity will help keep your pelvis straight. Elevating your lower back also raises your upper body, which may help reduce the discomfort. Although this may take a little time to work, try sleeping in this neutral position several times a day and notice the difference. You might even find that this will encourage you to start sleeping on your back!

During late pregnancy, it is important to remember that sleeping on the back is not recommended. 

sleeping pregnant women

The position puts too much pressure on the spine and can cause pain and complications. Again, elevating the lower back and keeping the pelvis straight is your best bet. If these methods do not alleviate the pain, there are other options available to you such as using ultrasound to see if there are any problems with your unborn child and/or working with a prenatal fitness trainer to get you into the best sleeping position possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone finds success with these methods. For some, they find that they roll onto their stomach too easily, which causes them discomfort. Others simply cannot get comfortable laying on their backs during pregnancy. Finally, some women have extremely bad mornings and cannot get comfortable sleeping in any position, even the most relaxing one. In these cases, doctors often recommend a surgical procedure to “reposition” the baby, allowing the woman to go back to sleeping on her side.

As the pregnancy progresses, your midwife will likely be changing your sleeping positions as well. 

changing your sleeping positions

At this point, it is much easier to transition back to your favorite sleeping position. If this doesn’t work for you, ask her about various methods of assisted therapy that can help you go to sleep on your back. Also discuss with her the benefits of wearing a maternity pillow, which wraps around the torso to provide support for your growing tummy. The maternity pillow not only helps you sleep better but also provides additional comfort during the final trimester of pregnancy.


In conclusion, while sleeping on the stomach is not recommended, and some people find that they do not sleep well sleeping on their backs, it is up to you to decide whether it is a problem for you or not. It is important to remember that sleeping on your stomach puts extreme pressure on the lower back, which can put unnecessary strain on the spine and weaken the muscles of the lower back.

In some cases, people find that they can sleep well on their stomachs, but do not like sleeping on their backs. If you are one of these people, then you may want to consider sleeping on the side, but be sure to get regular exercise to strengthen your body and your back muscles before sleeping on the back.

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