A Guide On Life In Davenport

Looking to buy a house but don’t exactly know where to start? Worry no more because Davenport has got you covered. When it comes to real estate, one should consider the location, living conditions, and amenities that the area offers. Being wary of all these facilities is especially important when you are looking to buy a house. It is because houses, for most people, are a one-time investment and can go wrong if not looked into carefully. 



Located at around 170 miles west of the city of Chicago, at the banks of the Mississippi River, Davenport provides an ideal location. However, its location naturally brings in frequent flooding. The sole reason for this is that Davenport is one of the biggest cities surrounding the Mississippi River that does not have flood walls or levees built around it. Residents prefer easy access to the river for tourist attractions like parks and vistas. 


Davenport primarily has a humid continental climate with tropical, sticky summers. Winters face cooler temperatures with strong winds. When temperatures get to below freezing points, it brings snowfall even, starting November till February. Annually, it snows in Davenport to about 30.7 inches (780 mm). January is by far the coldest month faced here, whereas July is the warmest it gets. 


Before deciding on a place to live, perhaps it would be a good idea to look at what it offers in terms of entertainment and recreation. Besides Davenport being a natural scenic spot, it also comes with a wide range of entertainment facilities to ensure its people a good night’s time out. 

1) Davenport Skybridge 

Davenport Skybridge

This bridge crossed over the River Dike and came into existence in 2005. It is 50 feet tall and 575 feet long, giving picturesque views of the city. The architecture of this place is one of the best, with its kaleidoscope lighting consisting of around 8,000 lights. The lights comprise a variety of patterns and colors that are ideal for Christmas vacations. 

2) Great River Brewery 

If you are looking for a fancy day out with friends, this is the best spot for you. It got started by two college friends for growing it into a business. Great River Brewery launched its first beer in 2009 and has been flourishing ever since, now producing around 3,000 barrels of craft beer annually. The place even offers a first-hand experience to its visitors of seeing the brew get made live before their eyes for the best experience. Tasting rooms are also carefully crafted for this particular purpose.

3) The Putnam Museum and Science Center 

Davenport preserves its art and music successfully over the past few years. The museum got built to create more awareness for the visitors in the history and natural sciences of the city. 

Its existence itself is nothing less of wonder since the museum kept intact since 1867. The museum houses about 160,000 pieces 

along with an elaborate theatre depicting movies on educational topics about scientific facts. 

The place further comes alive with an aquarium tank holding extensive species of marine life while showcasing medieval habitats like caves and forests. The Hall of Mammals contains several engaging displays and photographs to ensure an unforgettable trip for its visitors. 

4) Credit Island

Credit Island

Davenport’s location is such that it would be a sin not to talk about its beautiful island resorts. Credit Island is to the southwest of Davenport, next to the Mississippi River. Its name originates from a Native American trading ground and is now known for being one of the renowned Historic Properties in the Davenport area.

The total area covered by the island is 420 acres. Parts of it got converted into a community park with a golf course and soccer, softball, and rugby grounds. 

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The island also features fishing activities and gives some of the best picnic spots with trails for cyclists and the more adventurous ones. Hence, visitors can even tour the place on their bikes. The park also has an extensive assortment of birds. It offers bird-watching experiences for a full-throttle experience. So if you wish to take full advantage of this golden opportunity, make sure to carry a pair or two binoculars for extra measure. 

5) Posner Park Shopping Mall

In today’s world, where our key focus primarily circles our need to ‘look good, it is not wrong to think there is a shift in people’s interests. There is now an increasing need for diverse brands globally to meet sky-high standards in the fashion industry. For this purpose, people interested in finding a forever home inside this city will be most interested in finding out how developed it is in such facilities. 

       It is no surprise that the Posner Park Mall fulfills such standards and provides an extensive range of brands to cater to such needs. No doubt, it is a shopaholic’s dream come true. 

Real Estate in Davenport

Real Estate in Davenport

So what does one need to consider when evaluating how the real estate of a country works?

Factors Affecting Real Estate

Interest Rates

A rise in interest rates will put more burden on the buyer, and hence mortgage increases that lower demand and prices of real estate. Before investing in real estate, it is of utmost importance to calculate interests on a mortgage calculator. It gives a person a better view of his actual ability to buy the house. 


Another factor in evaluating real estate value is economic indicators. For example, GDP, prices of goods, the manufacturing industry, and employment data are key factors governing it. When GDP falls, so does a country’s real estate. 


Often, governments, especially those in third-world countries, fail to keep population control under strict check. And that seriously deteriorates the real estate of the place. Age, race, gender, income, population increase, and migration patterns are common constituents of demographics. 

Buying a House in Davenport

Keeping the points discussed above, let us now analyze houses for sale in DavenportThe per capita income of Davenport is around $18,828 and strongly affects its real estate. About 10.5% of families and 14.1% of the population, in general, are below the poverty line. Demographics-wise, this included 19.2% of below 18 individuals and 6.4% of the population over 65 years of age. 

When put against the national average, Davenport has lower living costs comparatively, with an average house priced at $110,000. Hence, it is the best metropolitan area in terms of cost of living, ranking as the 16th most affordable housing in the US. 

Takeaway Message

That does not mean that finding a house in Davenport feels like a walk in the park. Rapid population increases have led to a greater need for schools and also brings in more traffic. However, that depends on what area you choose to select. Houses range from townhomes, condos, single-family homes to more luxurious duplexes, but the location is what one needs to keep foremost in mind. 

The best way to go about this is to travel around Davenport to know why and how houses exist at different price ranges in east and west Davenport. It helps to find neighborhoods best suited to your lifestyle.  

And there you have it, your new perfect home!

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