5 reasons Kraft packaging is an environment-friendly solution

Kraft packaging

The packaging is the perfect way to deliver your brand value and message to customers in an impressive way. Apart from appealing design, your packaging should be eco-friendly to attract customers. Depleting ozone layers and increasing global warming has urged packaging manufacturers to think of a packaging that uses less energy and has zero or reduced hazardous impacts on our environment. Green packaging like cigarette boxes has become the latest packaging trends and customer’s obsession. Kraft is one of the perfect examples of eco-friendly packaging as it’s made from natural wood pulp. Kraft is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Kraft boxes are the right type of packaging for every business and for the environment.  Kraft boxes allow you to customize the box to make your business profitable.  You can never go wrong with Kraft boxes.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Kraft Boxes for your products:

Eco-friendly Kraft has countless benefits for your brand and environment.  Below are just 5 of them to show you the importance of Kraft boxes.

1.       Reduces cost:

Kraft boxes don’t require more materials and hence doesn’t occupy more space during shipment. This decreases your shipping cost and material cost. The compact Kraft box makes your product look alluring and significantly reduces your costs. Reduced costs mean you will now have more resources to spend on your product quality and design.  A better quality product packed in eco-friendly Kraft will attract more customers and will build trust relations with picky customers who just want sustainable packaging boxes.  The more you think of the environment the more customers will become loyal to your brand.

2.       Biodegradable and reduced carbon footprint:

Kraft boxes are recyclable and biodegradable as they are made from natural materials. Unlike plastic, these boxes don’t require hundreds of years to decompose while leaving harmful chemicals in the air. Kraft boxes can be easily recycled which means they will not clog the landfills. Recycled material means fewer resources will be consumed then they would have been used for manufacturing new material. Kraft makes your brand carbon neutral which attracts more customers.

3.       Versatile:

Kraft boxes are famous because of their diverse nature. These boxes are availed by businesses to pack their products to capture the target audience’s attention. Be it clothing business, electronics, food or any other business niche, Kraft boxes are just perfect options for packaging. Eco-friendly custom boxes give free hand to business owners to customize the box according to their needs and add recycling sign-on the box so the customer can put it in a recycle bin to decrease environmental pollution caused by packaging.

4.       Increased sales and positive image:

Every brand works hard to leave a positive impression on customers’ minds. By switching to eco-friendly Kraft you will be leaving the impression that the brand is eco-conscious and is taking radical steps to make the environment green. This will give customers a sense of satisfaction for being connected to a responsible brand. 78% of customers willingly pay for products packed in eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Customers will convince others in their social circle to purchase from your brand which will lead to increased sales.

5.       Protects products:

Kraft is a very durable material that can keep your fragile products safe while shipment and in stores.

Kraft is a viable and cost-effective way to make your products look phenomenal while keeping the environment safe from carbon and harmful materials.