5 Best Marketing Ideas For Black Friday Marketing Campaigns


The big shopping day following Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is the peak of the shopping season, which means that every firm will need to make a lot of money and provide bargains during this period. To be honest, we make about a fifth of our annual offers during the two weeks of November known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you can too.

A typical Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales trend for SaaS and internet business enterprises is depicted in the diagram below. From 2017 through 2020, the spikes you notice are fourteen days in November.

1. Take a Peek Behind the Scenes.

Flaunting less will occasionally pique people’s curiosity. If you own a web-based business, you may display to your customers a few of the important things that will be on sale first. If you’re a SaaS company, you may show off your main product capabilities via a hidden video or GIF. Whatever you do, keep it related to Black Friday, and make sure you emphasize the deal details with a focus on your massive discount.

  • Ways to improve your sneak peek
  • Include it in your booklet.
  • Sending it out as an email has a big impact.
  • Include a link to it in your email signature.
  • It should be promoted through the use of web-based media.
  • Make a YouTube video and distribute it.
  • Make advertising for Search and Display.
  • Make a company out of radio or webcasting.
  • Make a Black Friday flyers and get the word out.
  • If you’re a big company, here’s what you should do: produce TV and newspaper commercials
  • Make your own Advanced email signature with the pennant for the big shopping day after Thanksgiving.
black poster friday

2. Locate a Different Item

People are enthralled by the novelty of anything new. That is why you should take advantage of the rare opportunity you will have on Black Friday and promote another item that may be available on that day. This might help you take your Black Friday marketing to the next level. Even if a former customer has only purchased something once before, they may be attracted enough by your new item to purchase it.

spin the wheel

There are two major methods for locating another object. To begin, you can include it a few days prior to the much-anticipated event. Who knows, this might even lead to additional offers before Black Friday is officially recognized.

3. Spin the Wheel of Fortune

You can turn your Black Friday crusades into a game. Turning a virtual wheel is a well-known approach. This minor addition to your store’s website can entice your present and potential customers to visit for a chance to win prizes, limitations, and discounts. This Black Friday marketing strategy is more about providing a nice experience than it is about presenting fantastic gifts. By implication, it creates a pleasant experience for both your image and your website.

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4. Provide a Prompt Riser Markdown for VIPs.

Whoever wants it the most will receive it, or a refund in this case. Use your email list to provide a report on the most current things you’ve added that will be restricted on Black Friday. You can make a VIP timely riser rebate snare work far and away better by using phrases and adjectives like “limited” and “almost sold out” to create the possibility of scarcity. According to studies, people enjoy taking on difficulties when there is an added element of scarcity.

5. Create a Video for Promotions

Creating a Marketing Video with one is another clever idea you can use with a commencement clock. This movie will show you every single item that will be on sale, seven days ahead of time. This can help generate additional exposure, which will encourage people to plan their purchases for Black Friday. Feel free to share your great advertising video on your Instagram feed after you’ve finished it.

Chubbies created a viral “anti-Black Friday” advertising film that rebelliously uses the Black Friday setting to create their own business event called tongue-in-cheek “Thighber Monday” (based on Cyber Monday) that promotes their wares, which I really appreciate.

Final Thoughts

The post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza is a once-a-year opportunity that every small business should take advantage of. Indeed, you will make the majority of your annual purchases on Black Friday or between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You may assist your bargains far more by producing exposure and supplying impetuses to your crowd now that you have these top helpful advertising ideas in your possession.

Now that you’ve learned about the top Black Friday marketing ideas, it’s time to look at an example of a successful Black Friday marketing strategy.