4 Ways RingCentral Integration with ERP Eases the Remote Work Challenges

Ring Central

Ever since we have been entered into the COVID situation, our calendars are flooded with reminders, task deadlines, and a plethora of meetings piling up and overlapping with other tasks. Sometimes, we have to take our phones out to call our team members, and simultaneously preview project management app to remind ourselves about the immediate tasks. In such a situation, switching back and forth between multiple applications, while working remotely in an entirely different time zone and using more than one device for team & client communication enhances the complexity of the tasks. Are you using multiple apps to communicate too? Then I have got a solution for you in the form of RingCentral Integration. I have been using it for quite a time and here is a brief review.

Before we head to the recent RingCentral update, you need to understand that how a business struggle to communicate with internal and external stakeholder if they don’t have the right communication tool. According to a recent study, the phone is the 2nd most preferred communication tool for customers after the purchase.

Whether you are using Microsoft meeting or Odoo, they are certain limitations e.g. PSTN and not having freedom of using SIP. In addition to this, the enterprises need a comprehensive communication system that supports call transfer, hold, group pick-up, and call reporting or analytic features, etc. And, for this, they usually integrate third-party applications to support phone calls, video, and messaging features. What if I told you that Odoo RingCentral Integration can offer you exactly that but with a hint of other benefits too?

Here in this article, I have discussed the recent RingCentral update, along with the feature it offers to the users. Apart from this, you will also find a brief overview of how the feature updates aim to enhance employee experience.

1.     Call Analytic, Reporting & More

The first thing on the list is the call reporting and analytic feature. It allows the users to measure KPI and provide custom reports. Also, you can batch test call activity to assess team performance and support employees’ quality of services to make the right staffing decisions. It also provides a dashboard with pined key features; you can customize the preview to your liking as well.

2.     Smart Meeting Room Experience For Remote Worker

On daily basis, an employee has to attend several meetings, this results in missing a few meetings when the schedule overlap or late entry. Therefore, the RingCentral update provides live transcription, meeting summaries, speaker summaries, and top participant display features. This allows the late attendee to get a contextual overview of the discussion without disrupting the flow of a meeting. In addition to this, you can use the whiteboard feature to note down important points and to provide an illustrative overview of complex tasks or workflow.

3.     Ease Remote Collaboration & Smart Meeting

The smart meeting room contains more features other than the live transcription and meeting summaries; it offers the attendee to share live feed directly from the rear camera of their mobile. Also, you can switch back and forth between the rear and front camera of your smartphone for a physical meeting experience. The recent update also allows one to connect mobile with the meeting room, share content directly from mobile, and use SIP hardware.

4.     360-Degree Content Sharing Flexibility

Lastly, the update also eases the content sharing needs of an organization. Since it can be accessed from, therefore, it allows the user to send documents with a virtual signature. Also, you can send quotations, pay invoices and collaborate with teams using the RingCentral interface. And, the best part is, it offers call, message, and video features, along with this you can send a voice note that comes with auto-transcription.


The work-from-home trend is not going to subdue. Since it offers mutual benefits to the employee and employer, in the form of time and cost-saving, therefore, many companies are on the verge of adopting Hybrid or a complete remort work model. but the key to success is in ensuring how much the communication means will remain agile. For this, it is better to go with SaaS applications than rely on online applications. In this quest, Odoo Integration at Techloyce with RingCentral is a viable solution. It contains a build-in telephony feature. Moreover, the interface is easy to use and requires no training whatsoever. Lastly, it offers comprehensive call analytics and reporting features that one can use to enhance the experience and make efficient staffing decisions.