10 Creative Ways To Store Your Garden Hose

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In the arsenal of every gardener, there must be a good hose. This is a versatile item that can be used not only for watering plants but also for many other household purposes (for example, to wash a car). They are usually designed for long-term use, so their lifespan can reach 3 to 5 years or more. It all depends on the quality of materials and storage conditions.

In this article, we have prepared some tips for you on how to properly store your watering hoses.

Why do you need to store your hose correctly?

To maintain a beautiful garden and flower beds, as well as to grow vegetables, you cannot do without sufficient and abundant watering, which is organized with the help of irrigation hoses. Naturally, every gardener plans to use the product for many years, without spending time every season buying, delivering, and organizing an irrigation system on the site. After all, as you know, the price of a good quality irrigation hose is not low.

The lifespan, ease of use and the likelihood of additional costs depend on where and in what condition the watering hose is stored when you are not using it.

It may seem that since the hose is used only in the summer, then you need to think about where it will be stored in the winter. This is a common misconception. Even in high season, you need to make sure to properly care for the hose and organise proper storage space. Many types of hoses do not tolerate ultraviolet radiation, which leads to brittle walls, leaks and cracks.

If the hoses are left rolled along the paths, they are subject to mechanical injury, animals can chew on them and people will step on them.

Therefore, firstly, when you don’t need the hose, take it to the shade, under a canopy or to any room.

And secondly, in order to avoid kinks, experts recommend winding the hose on any round or oval object.

Even hoses that are extremely durable require proper transportation and storage.

Much depends on the main material of the product. Watering hoses are rubber, PVC, nylon, thermoplastic and silicone, each type has its own operational properties, that is, strengths and weaknesses.

The rubber hose can be safely stored in an unheated room, it can withstand sub-zero temperatures down to -30. However, it is heavy and each time manually rewinding is a laborious process. A special coil will come in handy.

The corrugated hose is very durable and can be stored in any way. Of course, hoses come in different lengths. Short hoses can simply be hung, but for long ones, you have to come up with special devices for convenient winding up.

It takes time and effort to rewind the hose every time, but it will save you money in the end. Here you have to choose, either you find a safe and convenient storage solution, either you leave the hose lying under the scorching rays of the sun and after 1 or 2 seasons you will have to pay again.

Storage of garden hose. Care rules

Avoid kinking and wrinkling

Considering that the length of the hose can reach several tens of meters, it is important that it does not kink before, after, and during use. For this, a huge variety of specially designed carts and reels have been invented. If you’re looking to save some money, there are budget homemade options.

Thus, you will be able to provide the device with proper storage conditions, which in turn will significantly extend its life.

Avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation

Only the best irrigation hoses have a high degree of UV protection. If you leave a regular hose in direct sunlight for a long time during the hot summer season, it can dry out. To avoid this, it is recommended to remove them in the shade, under a canopy, or in any other cool dry room.

Do not leave it in the cold in winter

How to store hoses for irrigation in the winter is a separate point in the instructions. After all, they are used mainly in summer or during the warm season. Under the influence of low temperatures or severe frost, rubber can lose its structure, crack and become unusable. Therefore, for the winter we recommend you to move your hose to a garage, shed or any dry room.

Avoid contact with pets

How much does a watering hose cost? Definitely more expensive than a new toy for your pet. Cats, dogs, and other domestic animals can gnaw or perforate the hose. This is important to consider when choosing a storage location. If you know that there are rodents in your shed, it’s best to find a better place to store your garden hose. As a last resort, you can leave it hanging and not on the floor.

10 ideas on how to store your hose

1. Flowerpot

Use a flower pot to keep the hose out of sight. This method of storage will also be a beautiful detail in the garden. You can also choose a pot with handles to make it easier to carry your hose around the garden.

2. Basket

Sufficiently large baskets can also be used to store hoses. In this case, you would have to make a drainage hole, so that the basket would serve you as long as possible.

3. Storage Bench

A bench is a necessary item for every garden. If you want to hide your garden hose then using a garden bench is the perfect way to do it. You can build it yourself. This way you get a great storage space for your garden hose, as well as extra space in the yard for relaxing.

4. Old rims from the wheels of the car

Don’t throw away used rims from the wheels of your car. They can be attached to any wall in the yard. Pain it and decorate it yourself. Then, wrap your hose around it. It is very easy and practically does not cost any effort, but it looks very original.

5. Hose Hook

To keep your garden hose from lying on the ground, you can also use a simple nail or hook. Just pin it to any wall or even a three and hang your hose there.

6. Storage sink

Use an old sink. In addition to preserving and hiding your hose, it also has a handy hole that will make it easier to use the hose.

7. Decorative storage method

For lovers of the exquisite, not everyone may like the use of an old wheel or bucket. Manufacturers of accessories for the irrigation system offer a wide range of different devices that are distinguished by their beauty, originality and design.

8. Hose reels

Special hose reels, with a comfortable handle or even inert ones, help to get rid of unnecessary fuss, they are sold in different price ranges and this purchase will last for many years.

9. Special container

You can also make a box or a container that will be used specifically for storing hoses. It needs to have a movable cover and maybe even a hole for more convenient use. You can use the upper part of the box as a mini table. Use this box to store your water sprinkler too, so you can have everything you need in one place.

10. PVC pipe

Homeowners who prefer free storage can also choose a PVC pipe and wrap the hose around it.


Thus, there are many ways to store your watering assistant. There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to your yard and garden. It is worth noting that all these fixtures give the space an original and neat look. Neatly folded hoses not only save space in the yard and the nerves spent untangling them, but also the ability to secure and decorate your garden area. Store your watering hoses in style and taste, too.

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