Dedicated Servers: The Most Reliable Web Hosting Platform

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Dedicated server hosting is more reliable and convenient in comparison to other servers. In a dedicated server, one server dedicates all its space and resources solely to hosting one website. You don’t need to share your server or its resources with anyone else when you use a dedicated server. You have the liberty of using an entire server to support your website. This suggests that dedicated server hosting has features that will boost the performance of your website. Let us look at some of those features.


As mentioned, dedicated servers are definitely the most reliable web hosting platform. Your website gets the complete attention of the server. This serves you with a large number of resources. Since bandwidth does not have to be shared, you can expect an uninterrupted flow of data. The security your website receives will also be enhanced since there are no third-party websites influencing yours. It will also be easier to monitor the level of resource usage of your website. If you were to face any technical issues on your server, it can be easily located as well. This makes maintenance of your server a lot easier.


A lot of the other hosting platforms only offer you with a fixed number of resources. You need to adjust with that set of RAM, bandwidth, space etc. This is one area where dedicated servers differ. Cheap dedicated servers can be easily upscaled or downscaled. You will be aware of how much of which resources you will need and this knowledge can be used to host your website efficiently. On occasions you need more of a certain resource than usual, you can very easily upscale on that resource. This is very useful when it comes to a growing business.


In servers where different clients share a hosting service and dedicated vpn, there is always an increased risk of security threat. If one website on your server were to have a malware infection, this could infect your website too. Hence with shared servers, risk of infections is relatively very high. In a dedicated server, no other website can influence the security of yours. This puts you more in control of the protection of your website. You also have the option to add other protection features to your server. It would also be advised to opt for a dedicated server host that protects all their servers with firewalls.


When you opt for a dedicated server, you are in charge of all the processes of dedicated server hosting. This includes installation, set-up, maintenance, security etc. So, this offers you a lot more control than other types of servers could offer. You will also be given complete administrative power over your server. It is up to you how you would like to format your server for optimal performance. If you find maintaining and managing your server time-consuming, you can always go for a managed dedicated server service. The hosting service provider will ensure that your server is taken care of.

Technical support Even though you will be completely capable of managing all the aspects of your dedicated servers. There might be situations where you need to reach out to your service provider for additional technical support. Since dedicated hosting is a top-class hosting service, most service providers are likely to provide very good technical support. Although, make sure to look into the technical support team of the hosting provider you decide to opt for. Ensure they can be easily reached via call, mail, live chats etc. They also need to be available 24*7 for your support. You can read Bluehost Reviews here.