Surprising Tourist Attractions of Digha

digha tourist attraction

Digha is the most popular sea-facing resort town as well as a tourist location that is placed in the south-west of Kolkata. Every tourist must consider Digha while they are looking at Kolkata holiday packages. The place is located at a distance of 187 km and is referred to as the “Brighton of the East”. It is best for the people of West Bengal for spending a happy vacation. Digha includes a coffee gradient with a shallow ocean beach that roars with light waves and extends around seven-kilometre deep. The sea starts about a few kilometres away from the beach. It has a luring as well as charming scenic beauty. Here are the best tourist attractions of Digha. Read more about Enjoy luxury beach at Vista Hermosa Estate.

The coastal lining of the beach is filled with casuarina plantations that help to influence and enhance the beauty of the place. Apart from the beautification, the trees also help to prevent erosion caused by the dunes. Sunset and Sunrise are two major attractions as they are reflected on the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal and helps to enhance the beauty of nature. Every Hotels in Digha has a swimming pool that allows the guests to spend leisure time.

Digha Sea beach

digha sea beach

The most attractive part of the island of Digha is the sea beach. It is hard and flat and is spread over a huge area. The beach of Digha is known for being the widest beach on the entire globe.

The state of West Bengal is famous for the tourists from outside majorly due to the beach of Digha that influences the beauty of West Bengal.

The beach is arguably clean and beautiful and offers a clear sunset view that attracts tourists from all over the world. There are many 5-star Hotel in Digha that offers a comfortable place for tourists to enjoy their luxury vacation.

The sea beach of Digha is also called the golden beach for its breathtaking views of the sunset and golden coloured sands. This is one of the best tourist attractions of Digha.

New Digha town

new digha town

New Digha is the recently built and developed town in Digha known for its attractive tourist spots and hotels. Apart from the beaches and the hotels, the science center located in New Digha is another tourist attraction of Digha.

The National Council of Science Museum established the Science Museum in Digha. It has become famous as it has placed exciting tools for learning science technology that easily attracts tourists from different parts. The snake farm added inside the Science Museum enhances the beauty of the place. 

Amravati Park

amaravati park

Among the attractions of Digha, tourists like to explore the well-maintained park located exactly in the middle of the town. It is famous for its quietness as well as peaceful nature. The parks boast unspoiled and lush green lawns with a variety of seasonal flowers that borders a small lake located inside the park. 

The park also contains a ropeway ride for the tourists who wish to enjoy every corner of the park and offers a complete view of the town of New Digha. It also has a neat, tiny well as paved pathway making it suitable for any family to enjoy a picnic for an entire day. The authority of the park has also placed an amenity of boating for the kids to have fun.

The Digha Gate

Digha gate

The Gate located on the highway was constructed by the national highway authority of India. It is also called the Gateway of Digha or the welcome gate that welcomes the tourists to this beautiful place.

The grand structure of the gate has become popular for its exquisite design. It also attracts a constellation of people in the evening. With a use of steel and concrete and presents, a fish boat structure made this gate. Which is regarded as a tribute to all the fisherman of this small town. It is painted white and blue which adds to the entire splendour.

The gate looks beautiful and become best tourist attractions of Digha, when it is light up during the evening time.

Mohona Watch Point

mohana watch point

Among all the tourist places of Digha, the moon is a beautiful watchpoint for the tourists. It is the confluence of the Champa river and the Bay of Bengal. The place offers an exciting view of sunset and sunshine as well as the entire surrounding. The Mohona offers a fish market early morning. Where the busy fishermen deliver, pack, distribute and collect tons of fish to export to different states of West Bengal.

Marine Aquarium of Digha

Marine Aquarium of Digha

It is one of the major attractions for tourists in Digha and the largest build aquarium in Asia as well. The aquarium contains three different types of creatures. Creatures like curious and local species, animals of conservative significance as well as species of freshwater. There are many Best Hotel in Digha near Sea Beach nearby to the marine aquarium making it easy for the tourists to reach the place. The place is famous for several research activities and has 8 freshwater tanks along with 24 huge marine tanks.