There is nothing better than hitting the beach with your surfboard on a sunny day, especially when the sea gives you big waves. However, you can only enjoy surfing if you have everything you need and one of those is a surfboard that suits you. Note that surfboards have different parts you need to look out after, such as their fins. 

If you are building a new surfboard or need replacement surfboard fins, you must choose the right one for optimal performance. Different sizes, styles, and measurements of fins will feel different when used by other surfers. If you want to get the right fin, there are several easy ways to look for a surfboard fin that will suit you. 

1. Determine the type of fin box your board has

Some surfboards have single, twin, thruster, and quad fin box setups to choose from. You can even find some surfboards that have a five fin box setup that you can utilise to mix and match different types of fins. The science behind the number of fins is that single fins give you speed while dual, thruster, and quad fins provide excellent maneuverability. 

If you want to achieve both speed and maneuverability, that is where the five fin box setup comes into play because you can install and experiment with different fins to adjust whether you want your surfboard to turn fast or go fast. Once you know what type of fin box your surfboard has, you can focus on getting the kind of fin your surfboard needs. 

2. Know how much you weigh

When buying or building a surfboard, you always have to consider the surfboard fin to weight ratio. Note that some fins will be difficult to maneuver if you do not consider your weight. You have to remember that larger fins are great for professional, aggressive surfers who like to turn hard, while surfers who do the opposite can work with smaller fins. 

Besides your weight, you also have to consider the surfboard’s tail because it will affect moving around with a specific fin type. A narrow tailed board will perform excellently with smaller fins because they give you excellent speed, while a wide tailed board with bigger fins will offset the tail area.

3. Know your area’s wave type

Another tip to remember when choosing fin sizes is knowing the waves of your local beach. Typically, fins with a long vertical edge maneuver in a solid arc are excellent for turning in tight spaces. Those fins are perfect in closeout beach breaks, and you are surfing in limited space, and there are also other surfers near you, so you need to make sure your surfboard can quickly turn wherever you want it to go. 

4. Know your surfing technique

When you are on the beach looking at other surfers, you may see one moving their board around left-to-right in quick succession while the other only wants to get from point A to point B before the waves consume them. Usually, your performance on the water will depend on whether you choose stiff or soft surfboard fins. 

Note that a flexible fin is perfect for when you want to get a burst of speed each time you turn, while a stiff fin is best to keep your board steady but limits maneuverability and negates the speed boost. 

Do not forget the different tips mentioned above if you want to choose the best fin for your surfboard!

Author : Alison Lurie