The best WebM to mp4 converter online

WebM to mp4 converter online

This article is the correct resource to provide the answer you need. Indeed, you might have seen different converters online that provide excellent video conversion result, but what if there was a faster way to it? When it comes to converting your WebM files to Mp4 for probably a wide range of viewers, quality should never be negotiable. Plus, you also want to save time doing other things, which means settling for the best is your best bet for you and your viewers.

In this article, you will find out the best WebM to Mp4 converter that can be used without any installation process whatsoever. Also, why you need to make this conversion from WebM to Mp4 and what makes a converter a good choice is carefully explained below. Alright, Let’s get to the details! 

Why WebM needs to be convert to mp4

If you take a headcount of people with their videos stored in WebM format, please don’t be surprised to find just one out of 20. The reason is simple- it is a video format for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. In fact, not all computers or devices can even play some of these video formats. Now, here is the catch- if these devices are restricted because of a format and online converters offer an easy way out, the next best thing is to use it. So, as a brand or an individual who wants to reach more people with the content you post, then, have to post a video format that their device will understand. Hence, using a WebM to Mp4 converter is highly important for your striving business. With an Mp4 video, you will reach more people and scale up in your business which is a win-win for all.

Features of a great WebM to Mp4 converter

Before selecting any online converter for your WebM to Mp4 conversion, you need to check to see if these features are guaranteed. If one of them is not assured, don’t settle for it, especially if you want your video to come out outstanding.

1. Advanced features should be available.

Check through what the website is saying about any advanced feature before attempting to convert. A good converter should allow the opportunity for the addition of subtitles, edit and placing watermark. There could also be some other features that make the converted video unique to you. If your converter can do it, it has checked the first key feature on the list. 

2. Multiple conversion

Not all online WebM converters can conveniently convert more than one file at a go. Imagine you have to convert about ten videos to Mp4 format, and each of them has a stipulated time. If you have to go one at a time, it would be time-consuming and definitely not allow you to make necessary edits because of time. So, the best way out is to settle for a converter that can do the job for as many videos as you want to be done once. This simply means you will be saving time and achieving more with the right converter in use.

3. Quality is sustained

Most WebM to Mp4 converter online convert videos in little time, but the only hitch is the compromised quality. For many converters, you have to subscribe to their premium version to get the quality you want, but if it is a good converter, quality should be the top priority. If you have to face this quality loss from an online converter, it simply means you haven’t settled for the best. Instead, use an online converter that gives good quality even with a free version.

The best WebM to Mp4 converter online

Evano: WebM to Mp4 converter

If you are wondering what online converter has all the features listed above, then think no more. The recommended converter is Evano. This converter is not just one of the best because of the speed, but it also gives great tools for free version users. With these tools, it becomes easy to do some editing before proceeding to convert the video. Plus, you can be sure of little or no quality loss when the result is produced.

More so, conversion of the Evano website is easy to do as you just need to visit the site and go through a 3-step process to get your video ready. Interestingly, you can convert as many files as possible and adjust the format option if you want it to be different. Then, your converted video will be ready for viewing in seconds which is a time-saver.

With no unique guide at all, Evano has an easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it a good choice for beginners. So, whether you have been in the game for a while or you are a newbie, using the evano converter gives you a familiar experience all the way. You can even decide to use the premium version and still enjoy easy access through the tools and options.

Also, the limitation that is often faced by other online converters, which is on heavy files, is not a problem with Evano. If your file is as heavy as one GB, the converter can conveniently process it. You can also choose to save the video converted in other formats aside from Mp4, depending on what you need it for.


Clearly, you are sure how best to select an excellent online WebM to Mp4 converter and why you need to do it. Since these online converters have made life easier as you don’t have to use plugins or install software, it is only wise to use this technology to its peak. Remember that you need to be intentional about saving time, getting quality video, and editing promptly when converting your WebM file. If you don’t find these three critical things in your online converter, there are numerous other options to choose from. But, make sure you always settle for the best.