5 Reasons Businesses Need to Connect With Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers

So you want to grow your business? You know that social media is the way to go, especially using Instagram and the new Instagram feature like Instagram reels. But what more can you do to extend your reach and grow even more? Two words: Instagram influencers. If you are looking to grow your business and reach more people, you need to start working with social influencers!

Here are five reasons to do so.

Five reason to connect with Instagram Influencers

1. Build Trust

 Build Trust

If you are working with an influencer who is talking about and promoting your products on their own social media account, it shows they support and trust your business.

Once other people start to see that, they’ll be more likely to trust you as a business as well.

Why is building trust so important? You’ll be attracting the right customers as well as more customers.

2. Avoids Ads

Avoids Ads

Instead of sending out ads or paying for ads on websites that don’t always work, you’ll be paying for influencers who have engaged audiences. They do work.

Also, many consumers try to avoid ads. Most immediately ex out of any ad that comes their way. If it’s your ad that this happens to, they won’t ever actually see what you are promoting.

When an influencer promotes it, their audience trusts them and will actually take the time to read about what they are promoting. This gives you a higher return on your investment than ads would.

3. They Have Your Target Audience

They Have Your Target Audience

When choosing who to work with, you are going to choose an influencer who has the right target audience for your brand.

For example, if you are a fitness brand, you are most likely going to choose an influencer who is into health and fitness. That means their following is also into that.

4. Boost Your Sales

Boost Your Sales

With other marketing tactics, you may only be reaching a small number of people who are making it to the websites or places that you have placed ads.

If you choose to hire multiple influencers, you’ll be reaching both of their audiences. If you have one influencer that has 10K and another with 24K, that’s 34K people you are reaching simply because of their following. Add on the people who see the post that isn’t following them, and it’s even more.

5. It’s Organic

It's Organic

It is possible for brands to buy Instagram likes. And that’s a fine thing to do! 

But sometimes people can tell, and if they don’t approve, they’ll unfollow or stop using the brand.

You want to make sure that a great deal of your traffic and reach is organic – which Instagram influencers can help you do.

Get Connected

Did these reasons convince you to work with Instagram influencers? Well, go get looking for the right influencers for your brand!

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