A Quick Walk Through Strandhogg


Once you speak about the web or internet, it is a great and progressive area to be in. But with good, there accompanies bad too. You have no clue how different kinds of threats are there on internet in the current time. You may see how many folks are turning out to be a victim of web threats and malwares. Security researchers and professionals have found evidence of a dangerous and harmful Android vulnerability, which is known as Strandhogg.

It is something that allows real -life malware to pose as genuine applications, with users ignorant they are getting beleaguered.  It is alarming how many people are getting a victim of the same.

What actually is the impact?

  • All types of versions of Android affected 
  • All top five hundred most well-known apps are at danger 
  • Real-life malware is actually misusing the vulnerability
  • Thirty-six and more malicious applications exploiting the vulnerability was recognized

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Other than this, the vulnerability may get exploited in the absence of any origin access-

  • Hackers can easily listen to the user via the microphone
  • These can take photos via the mobile camera
  • Read and send any type of SMS messages
  • Make and even record phone conversations
  • Phish sign in credentials
  • Access diverse types of phone logs
  • Get the quick access to all private photos and confidential files on the device
  • Attain location and even GPS information
  • Get quick access to the contacts list

So, in case you feel that the threat is not really a huge one then you are wrong. Once in erroneous hands, you could end up losing the control of your mobile phone and even the information will be leaked in no time.

What should you do?

One thing that you can actually think of doing here is talk to professionals who tackle with mobile app security. Let them assist you with proper solutions for your overall mobile phone. The app security solutions are going to ensure that your device is guarded and safe. In this manner, you can be at ease that your phone is being evaluated and cared by a solution that keeps a check on the threats and even dangers. 

There are many times when you simply install the app from any sort of third-party platform. You do not actually realize that the app may be a threat to your device. You could end up harming your mobile phone or even that of simply losing your data. Now, in case you have security app solution applied in your device, you can be definite that it tells you about the any sort sort of risk or danger in anything. Hence, you can be confident that your device is secure and protected.


To sum up, you can check out the right solutions from Appsealing and ensure that you are not putting your mobile in danger. Once you have taken precautions, you can be confident that your system or apps are safe and guarded. After all, it is about making the most of everything in a proper and thoughtful manner.