Eight Ways Quartz Countertops Can Transform Your Kitchen

quartz countertops

Quartz countertops for kitchens have been trending in interior design discussions for quite some time now. They are made from a tough mineral and are considered the first choice for durable kitchens. The material is not just sturdy but stunning enough to stop you in your tracks!

With countless colors that range from dove gray to fire-engine red, you can easily find the shade and hue that matters to you! 

Your gravitation to the earthier color palette of blacks, browns, cremes, and veining that resembles marble and granite can all be achieved in the realm of quartz. However, unlike natural stone, slabs of quartz are perfected in a factory and designed to ensure eco-friendliness from beginning to end. 

If you are curious to learn everything about quartz countertops, then this is your one-stop to gather all the trending ideas, combinations, and answers about the king of kitchen counters. So without much ado, let’s jump right into it! 

Advantages Of Quartz countertops For Your kitchen

Quartz For Kitchen Counter Tops Is A Win-Win

Quartz For Kitchen Counter

Quartz combines the mineral, color pigments, and polymer resins that combine together to create a slab of sturdy material. Flecks of metal and recycled glass are often added to add a touch of artistry. 

In terms of durability, the use of resins helps the scratch and stain-resistant properties. They make quartz nonporous to eradicate the need to be sealed.

It Is Better Than Granite

It Is Better Than Granite

When you compare quartz with granite, you will realize that the former is the better choice! Quartz cuts down maintenance costs due to its nonporous texture instead of granite that requires protective top-coats every year. 

Granite is a popular choice amongst elite kitchens from glossy magazines. Still, due to the emerging colors, patterns, and vibrant choices available in quartz, the natural stone is gradually losing its status as the top favorite!

Quartz was previously available in a polished finish only, but now, you can get it sandblasted, embossed, and even honed to your liking. You can easily emulate the look of textured slates and matte limestone in quartz. 

There Is A Match For Every Kitchen Size

There Is A Match For Every Kitchen Size

We have already discussed the variety of colors and patterns available for quartz. Did you know that some makers offer jumbo slabs for uninterrupted runs? This means you can have a farmhouse kitchen island cut out of a single slab!

The industry standard of slabs is 60 by 120 inches. The excellent seams are a result of the addition of resins that enable clean cuts and zero chippings. Since quartz is more flexible than natural alternatives, the use of fabricators to shape curved islands is a modern norm.

Professional Installation Is Affordable

Professional Installation Is Affordable

When it comes to quartz countertops, it is essential to opt for professional installation in your kitchen. The custom nature of cabinet configuration and the hefty weight of the slabs requires professional hands to get the job done right! You can easily find sweet refurnishing professionals with a quick google search to get your kitchen started! 

You can add value to your investment in the kitchen by looking for certified companies that only utilize branded quartz by regulated authorities. There is a wide variety of quartz brands offering lifetime warranties by their chosen list of professionals. 

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When you look at it from the lens of saving and investment, this is an upfront cost that can help you tremendously when you are ready to sell your home. But we will get to that later!

It Is Easy Enough To Be Maintained By Kids

Yes. Quartz requires minimal maintenance. It is stain-and-scratch proof. And the resin binders keep the mold, bacteria, and mildew away from the top, bottom, and sides of your counters. 

When a slab is not sealed like natural stone and wood, you can simply wipe the surface with soapy water every day to keep up the gleam. Gentle cleansing scrubs are all you need to cut the surface stains. And if you avoid scouring pads and harsh chemicals, then your counter will always look good as new! 

So if your kids plan to ransack the kitchen during the holiday season, cleaning the countertops is one hassle that should not be on the list of your chores!

Create The Illusion Of Added Space In Open Kitchens

Create The Illusion Of Added Space In Open Kitchens

Many kitchens are not afforded the luxury of additional space. If you want to expand your kitchen despite structural restraints, then opting for quartz countertops is a fun way to do so!

You can easily switch to open shelving and a larger kitchen island in a muted color palette to reflect more light in the kitchen. Hence creating the illusion of space when you don’t have a lot of it! 

Gets Your Home Ready To Sell

Gets Your Home Ready To Sell

There is no doubt in the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is not just a room where food is cooked and stored but also a space where the family gets together! It plays a significant role and deserves to be highlighted when planning to sell a property

You can add a new sense of style to your kitchen and help potential buyers visualize the amazing things they can do in the kitchen. Since quartz is a modern material, it adds value to your kitchen in more ways than you could imagine!

Modern consumers look for eco-friendly products and minimal designs when looking at new homes! Swapping countertops without a complete renovation can spruce up your kitchen and get your home ready for sale in a short time. 

Helps Connect The Dots Between Styles

Helps Connect The Dots Between Styles

Quartz counters infuse the high-end finish with rustic kitchen structures that offer a brilliant mix and styles. You can enhance the aesthetics, balance, and functionality of your kitchen by choosing the right countertops. 

Final Thoughts

Quartz is the ideal choice for kitchens in mild to cool regions. It is long-lasting, tough, and family-friendly in more ways than one. You can swiftly save a few hundred dollars by investing in quality quartz countertops today and avoid paying for repairs and pours on the already pricey natural alternatives. Make the right choice today! 

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