Things you need to be aware before you travel to Mumbai

Planning a trip to Mumbai! It is the craziest and busiest city in the world. Even Mumbai is home to the film industry. In addition,five star hotels like Hyatt regency contribute to the splendor of this place. It is not only about that since it turns out to be the cultural and fashion capital of India. At a personal level, I have been lucky to visit this place quite a number of times. But before you are visiting this place there are a few points of consideration

Mumbai: Things to Know Before You Go


Traffic is something heavy at all times of the day. No such concept as a rush-hour exists in Mumbai since every hour is a rush hour. To the nearest town, it may take a couple of hours. Since the city has a population of 25 million people the impact of it can be seen on the city roads. The number of people who own vehicles has reported a rise as well.

Just imagine all the vehicles on the road. It is obvious that the tourist situation can be frustrating irrespective of the fact whether you are a resident in Mumbai or not. A lot of debate exists on how to deal with the problem in Mumbai. If you have sufficient time of travelling from one location to another you may enjoy the trip.


It brings us to the world of rickshaws which is the lifeline of Mumbai. This works out to be one of the cheaper modes of transportation in Mumbai since you have to hop on one and travel from one portion of Mumbai to another. If you are not traveling by local train this is a mode of transportation you need to opt for.

Still, people may question the safety aspect of rickshaws as there are no doors and you have to zip through the heavy traffic. Your personal belongings would be safe and you would not be bothering other people when you are traveling from one destination to another. The major chunk of drivers are trustworthy and if they are fast you always have an opportunity or rapping them.

Monsoon season

When it comes to Mumbai there are three seasons, which are winter, summer, and monsoon. The latter falls between the month between July to September and it is better if you avoid this time. Though the temperature might be bearable it could turn out to be humid, windy conditions and thunderstorms are common. The season is still hot with the temperatures soaring in the region of the 20s and 30s, but still, it is going to be manageable.

The people

The people who belong to this part of the world are termed Mumbai Kars. It is a blend of various religions and communities. They seem to be a friendly lot and would go on to any extent in helping you and provide directions.

Suppose they are not aware of something they would go all out to ask the directions on your behalf. Even five-star hotels like the Hyatt regency location map and the help of the people enable you to touch base there. The best part about the people is that they are hard-working. It is not going to matter what they are doing since they would not mind graft at all.


There is no denying the fact that Mumbai is one of the safest places for women in India. It is common for a woman to finish work and travel alone in Mumbai. Even this is the case with a female tourist as they would like to travel all by themselves. Just like any other place in the world you need to keep your wits and exercise proper caution when you are traveling in Mumbai.

A suggestion is to avoid the cheap hotels and stay in busy areas.

Street food

Street food is something that is found in every hook and corner of Mumbai. I have gone on to try street food in Mumbai except for a few restaurants that have stood outside. An ideal way to confer whether the eatery is a good one is if there are plenty of Local people out there.

If you are opting for fruit, make sure that you clean it with bottled water first. While asking for fresh juice make sure it is prepared in front of you. It is important that you are aware of the safety measures since street food is vital in India. You are going to locate delicious flavors than any other major restaurant in India.


When in Mumbai always drink bottled water as tap water might make you ill. Most of the restaurants in Mumbai provide you with filtered water. Keep away from ice in drinks. You need to check out the seals of the bottles or the drinks that you opt for.

When you are at the restaurant ask the attendant to open the seal in front of you. Make sure that you are carrying a bottle of water wherever you are in Mumbai. It could be really hot in Mumbai so make sure you are hydrated on all counts.


This points to battering when you are in this city. At a personal level, I think it is one of the best things to do when you visit India. If you expect to have a fixed price for each item then the Mumbai crowd has a point of a bargain for every item. Most of the locals are aware of the prices and would not indulge in bargain prices as a tourist would. After getting used to it you can obtain an estimate of the prices and end up paying for the same.

If they are offering a price, you may ask for a discount. They might provide you with a counteroffer that might be less than what you may have anticipated. They go on to reduce the price and the process goes on and on. If it may sound reasonable do not haggle for small amounts

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