How to Move From NYC to California?

A move from NYC to California is expensive, and it can be stressful when you move without planning. The moving prices depend on different factors, such as the distance of the move, the services you choose, and the size of the move. But you don’t have to take much stress because NYC Movers can help you make your move cheaper and stress-free. 

NYC and California are the most expensive states in the USA. Therefore, New Yorkers want to save money on their big move. So, read this guide and make your move from NYC to California cheap and stress-free. 

Things to Know Before Moving to California

There are several cultural differences between NYC and California, so you must know them before you move. Some of them are given below:


California has much warmer weather than NYC. During summer, the weather mostly remains dry and warm. You can expect a little snowfall during winter. California doesn’t freeze even when the temperatures are low. The purpose of telling this all is that you can get rid of some of your winter clothes before moving. 


New York has the best public transportation system in the world. In Subway and MTA, you can travel cheaply. Moreover, it is best for people because of the heavy traffic in NYC. In contrast, in California people prefer their own cars over public transport. So, if you have your own car, it will help you a lot in California. 


Taxes in both states are almost the same. However, California has a slightly lower tax percentage as compared to NYC. In some places like Los Angeles, you might be paying more tax than NYC. In NYC, the property tax rates are effective, and they are 0.8%. On the other hand, in California, this rate varies from locality to locality. The only issue is the higher real estate rates that increase the property tax in both states. 

Entertainment and Foodies

When you move from NYC to California, you don’t have to sacrifice much because there are plenty of activities in California that can keep you busy, for example, world-class dining and outdoor adventuring. 

There are lots of other attractions that can win your heart. If you love surfing, tanning, and swimming, you can visit beaches. There are plenty of parks for nature lovers, such as Yosemite National Park. 

Tips for Moving from NYC to California

Once you understand the cultural and other differences, you can plan your move better. These types of moves are complex, and you have to consider lots of things. So, follow the below-given tips for a long-distance move.

Don’t Rush

Moving from one state to another can take a few weeks. When you hire a moving company, it doesn’t mean that they’ll deliver your belongings the next day. It might take a few weeks to return your items to your new location. So, the best option is to get some essential items out and pack them in your hand carry. 

It will ensure that you have everything that you need during that time. You need to pack your bag as you do for trips. Keep toiletries and other office essentials that you might need immediately reaching your new home. It will save your money because you won’t have to purchase new ones. 


During long-distance moves, packing is the most crucial thing, and it needs to be done right. Organize and pack everything carefully. There will be security checking as well, so ensure that they can easily open bags or boxes to check what’s inside. You can purchase extra sheets of foams to ensure that your items are safe during the move. So, don’t hesitate to invest extra in moving supplies because it will protect your items from damage. 

Only Pack What You Need

As mentioned earlier, pack only such items that you need in California. We have told you about the weather in California so that you can pack clothes accordingly. You can sell your winter clothes, not all but a few, and you can buy summer clothes after reaching your new home. It will not only reduce your weight, but it will also save moving expenses. 

Hiring Movers

You can’t rely on local movers for long-distance moves because most of them don’t offer full-service moving. The benefit of hiring full-service movers is they handle everything from start to finish, and they’re responsible for any damage. Moreover, they can help you pack your belongings, keeping the distance in mind. So when you hire professionals for a move, it means that you can save energy and utilize it after reaching your new home. 

So, after following this guide, you can make your long-distance move hassle-free and cheap. Good Luck!

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