6 Interior Design Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Decor Inspiration


There is a process between changing a house into a home, and that process in today’s time can easily be called home décor or interior design. The amount of love people give to their homes is reflected in its décor. Whosoever it is, whenever he is making a home, he wants to provide the best and the most innovative look to it. 

People have been knocking doors of multiple interior designers to find the one who could actually provide the elegance and grace to their home that they are desperately looking for. Well, no doubt it’s a tough job to make someone understand the vision of your dream home. Even if you are able to do so, there’s less chance that they will be able to grasp it to give you the exact results.

It is highly suggested for homemakers to design their homes by themselves. It’s your home, so you must decorate it piece by piece with your own hands. If you think you have zero understanding or knowledge of interior designs and decoration, then you are forgetting that you are living in an internet age. You can follow the following interior design Instagram accounts to understand and get inspired for the interior design of your new home. 

Instagram For Decor Inspiration

Inspire Me Home Decor 

Active with the username as inspire_me_home_decor is one of the interior design pages on Instagram, which offers the most lavish and classic ideas and products for interior design. With 6.2 million follows on Instagram, Inspire Me Home Décor has come a long way in mastering the art of interior designing and home décor. Founded by Farah Mehri, this particular page will tempt your soul to have your home interior inspired by one of their styles. 

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B The D.Signers available with the username as d.signers have a stronghold on interior design audience on Instagram with their 3.4 million followers list. This proves their influence on the people of Instagram who are fascinated by innovative interior designs. They have showcased some of the most amazing and interesting nature-inspired interior design ideas on their Instagram page, which will definitely dwell you to imagine your home with those interiors. 

Designers Dome 

If you also have a thing for well-curated walls, calm washroom vibes, classic stairways, and royale living areas, then you should right away start following Designers Dome. You can find them with the username of “designer some”. Around 674 thousand people on Instagram are following them currently, and their followers are highly appreciative of their work. The proof of the same is the real Instagram comments on the posts of their account, where each post receives several comments of people drooling over their work. 

Interiors Media

If you don’t want to get stuck on one single interior designer but at the same time do not want to have multiple interior designing pages on your following list, then there’s a solution to that too. One Instagram page completely dedicated to some of the topmost interior designers from all over the world is Interiors Media. 

Here you will get to see pictures of incredible interior spaces designed by a number of extraordinary interior designers. You can find this page under the username of “interiors. media”, and they have a stronghold on the interior designing world of Instagram with more than 635 thousand followers.

PK Interior 24

If you are one of those, who think that these pages are just there to fool around and those jaw-dropping interior looks of homes are unachievable for your home, then this particular page is just for you. This particular page shows a direct comparison of the space before designing it and how it looks after their work is done. 

The results after their work are unbelievable, and it doesn’t leave an impression of something unachievable. Their authenticity is the reason why more than 565 thousand people on Instagram follow them, and they keep on increasing day by day. 

Home Adore

This particular interior designing page on Instagram showcases some of the most lavish interiors of homes they have designed. From poise living areas to alluring bathrooms, they have some impeccable pictures on their account. 

The username home adore will lead you to their account, which has crossed the mark of 3.4 million followers on the account. This clearly shows how much in love people are with their designs, and they can be the perfect choice for you to get inspired while designing the interior look of your home. 

Wrapping Up

A beautiful interior doesn’t only earn you compliments from guests but makes the living peaceful and joyous. It’s always pleasant to open your eyes in the morning to the beautifully set ambiance of the home. For some incredible ideas for the interior of your new home, you must follow the above given Instagram accounts and be a star homemaker.