A Beginner’s Guide To Selecting The Best Hotel Suites


Some of the most exciting things about travelling to a completely new place or even planning a staycation in an upscale hotel; are A)- its local cuisine and B)- the very hotel you’re going to stay at! While exploring a new city or country has its own perks, staying at a luxury hotel is equally gratifying. And though you may love the royalty like stay or treatment at a fine hotel, selecting a seasoned luxury hotel isn’t a child’s play. For what it’s worth, this task of selection requires specific skills or even the mastery of experience. Yes, we mean literally experiencing hospitality at its finest!

Although the term luxury has factually lost its meaning in real terms because of its over usage in the hospitality sector! It’s true that nearly every other hotel is trying to cash in on this term in their marketing strategy claiming to be an upscale enterprise! However, there are signs to gauge if the said hotel is true to its words. For example, there are five telling features that help you confirm that you’re actually dealing with a high-end, quality hotel. Thus, here’s a rundown of those telling features:

  1. Easy Bookings are the first key aspect of a luxury hotel, whether online or by phone the process is fairly simple and hassle-free.
  2. Amicable and swift first contact and by that we mean people who receive the guest as soon as they arrive at the property.
  3. Genuinely congenial staff that is always happy to assist or help.
  4. Guest rooms that are distinguishable, well-maintained, and precisely what you’ve requested for and this includes everything like toiletries, towels, and sheets in the room should be high quality. 
  5. Superior hotel experience with A-grade amenities and facilities on the site like gym, spas, swimming pool, referral services like babysitting, dog walking, etc. along with delectable food and beverages.

So if you’re someone who’s got the eye for opulence and are spoilt enough to seek the splendours of A-class infrastructure, services, amenities, and goodies; then follow these suggestions to select the best luxury hotel in town:

suggestions to select the best luxury hotel

Locale Matters!

Three things that really determine whether a hotel is a premium or not are Location, Location, and Location.

Even though many upscale hotels claim to serve refinement are typically located in the outskirts of the city or even in remote locations. Your first clue to determine a good stay should be in the heart of the city because that’s where things that matter most are. Plus the city centre is a place of convenience and accessibility. 

For instance, Deltin, the best Daman hotel, is flooded with tourists, not only because of its Royal ambiance but also due to its ideal location. It is equidistant from several top tourist spots in Daman, like Jampore Beach, water park, etc. Perfectly distant from the buzzing city center (approx. 6km), this place gives a serene place to stay, and also a quick access to key facilities.

Your Style, Your Selection

Who said you cannot select a hotel based on its style statement and theme including the mood of your visit? Selecting a hotel based on the style of either the city you’re planning to visit or the personal mood of your travel can actually help elevate your overall stay experience. Aside from the theme of the city, you can also choose from options like minimalistic, gothic, floral, French or Parisian, vintage, regal, etc. 

Work up the cost

Working up the approximate budget or cost that you would incur comes next as the first two factors directly impact the number of expenses you’re going to draw. Thus, selecting the theme and location of the hotel is a pre-determinant that helps you calculate the cost.

Choosing the right room or suite along with the complimentary meals

Since lavish, sumptuous buffets, complimentary goodies, and breakfast in bed are reasons that grande hotels are a rage around the globe, selecting the right type of suite, whether deluxe or semi-deluxe, is another important aspect of choosing an upscale hotel. Also, the facing of the suite is another significant factor that ought to be considered. 

Be Upfront and Check Reviews

No matter how popular the brand may be, always look up reviews for the hotel before finalizing it. Plus make sure you have communicated your needs and requirements to the staff in advance so that they may schedule or make bookings in accordance with your preferences.

Compare the prices and check for deals

So after ascertaining the kind of facilities and services you’re going to avail, make sure to compare the rates of the hotel with others that may be offering better services at lower prices. You can always run the charges on popular online sites that offer other options as well. Check for the best deals which could be availed at the best prices as being a spendthrift isn’t very wise. 


Opulence doesn’t always have to be expensive and a thing reserved for the affluent. You can always choose to spend prudently while also taking advantage of the high-end amenities and top-notch services. One such example is that of famous cruise in Goa Deltin Royale, the epitome of an entertainment hub with superlative services; all at highly affordable prices. The staff is dedicated to giving you a hospitality experience that you would always cherish and remember. Therefore, always make your decisions sagaciously without going overboard with the price tags.