How to Organize an Open kitchen using cabinets?

How to Organize an Open kitchen
How to Organize an Open kitchen

In the US, studio apartments tend to have open kitchens. Even the grand houses also have open cooking spaces. No doubt, they look airy and stylish. However, it can be hard to manage this style of kitchen. A standard open kitchen has open shelves in place of upper cabinets. In the same way, you can use NKBC cabinets for maximum base storage.

Also, an open kitchen usually has an L-shaped counter. While you have the layout, you can organize the stuff with ease. First of all, consider the open shelves as they appear from far. So, always start with organizing open shelves. In that case, clear your space to manage the place.

So, if you want to have a stylish yet practical kitchen set up, stick to this post. Below are some ways you can organize your open kitchen:

  1. One shelf at a time
  2. Put daily use items 
  3. Decorate the shelves with dishes
  4. Do not put heavy items
  5. Use base cabinets for appliances
  6. Contrast wood and glass
  7. Do not over display items
  8. Use containers for food
  9. No need to stuff the highest shelves

1- One shelf at a time:

In general, every open kitchen has open shelves in it. So, you have to empty them all to get an idea of the place. The best way to organize the place is to do one shelf at a time. So you should clear the shelves and counter you can see. Then, start with the lower shelves. One by one, go on with every corner of your open cooking space. 

2- Put daily use items:

The next step is to put the essentials on the open shelves. Start with putting the daily use items on them. But, avoid stacking them with more stuff. Use the lowest shelf to place your spice jars, tea, and coffee. In this way, it will contain less dust and dirt at the end of the day. Remember that the risk of dust is natural in an open kitchen. That is why it is not that simple to clean them.

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3- Decorate the shelves with dishes:

Well, you can put your dishes in the lower cabinets. NKBC cabinets offer maximum storage space in their framed boxes. However, you can decorate an open area by displaying your china dishes. Moreover, these items look perfect on wooden shelves. Also, the ones with intricate patterns create a traditional look in your modern setup. In this way, you will have them at hand. 

4- Do not put heavy items:

If you have heavy decorative stuff that you rarely use, never put them on the shelves. The wood or any material can crack due to the constant weight. So, think twice before you take that risk. Instead, place these heavy pots in the window of your kitchen. In this way, they can give a fresh look to your open space.  

5- Use base cabinets for appliances:

For heavy objects and stuff, use base cabinets. In that case, NKBC cabinets provide you with quality boxes and the best storage space. So, use that lower space to put your heavy appliances. Also, you can put rarely used items in them. It is the best way to organize an open kitchen space wisely.

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6- Contrast wood and glass:

The wood contrast with glassware is the best match ever. However, there is no hard and fast rule for wooden shelves. Still, you can put the glassware, dishes, pots, and glasses on the top shelves. Teacups and saucers also look beautiful on the top of these wooden shelves. 

7- Do not over display items:

You can put essentials and decorative items on the open shelves. No doubt, they look appealing. But, never stack them up. Also, do not over-display the cups and plates. In the same way, leave some distance between the items. As a result, they will look more attractive from afar. 

8- Use containers for food:

Well, it is not that safe to display food items openly in an open kitchen. But, you can use storage containers to keep the food from spoiling. These containers and jars are air-tight, so they are the best option to keep food items at hand. So, you see, it takes some management skills to organize your open kitchen space.  

9- No need to stuff the highest shelves:

In an open space with a center counter, usually, you have the highest top shelves. Well, you should not stuff them in most cases. So, you can use them to place a lightweight vase or other things. But you can also leave them empty. Also, you can’t place usable items on them. So, isn’t it better to leave them bare? 


In this modern age, most people choose an open kitchen space. It can be tricky to manage such a revealing space. But, you can organize it with open wood shelves and a J&k cabinetry. So, the best way to organize is to put daily items on them. Also, decorate them with your china dishes. Use lower cabinets for heavy appliances. But, avoid over-display and heavy objects on open shelves.