How To Choose And Wear A Long Dress?

How to choose and wear a long dress?

Which dress is right for you? Like all women, we dream of having pretty dresses in our closets for all occasions. Evening dresses, day dresses, ceremonial dresses, you will find in ready-to-wear shops all styles of dresses whether formal or casual. But knowing your body type will undoubtedly be easier to choose and find the dresses that suit you perfectly.

Whether your silhouette is rather rectangle, hourglass, pyramid, inverted pyramid, figure eight, or round, you will find the ideal dress for each circumstance that will highlight your body and sublimate you. Between long dresses, short dresses, flowing dresses, sheath dresses, strapless dresses, straight dresses, or even pinafore dresses, you can only please yourself! With our morpho and fashion advice, you won’t hesitate any longer and save time in the fitting rooms!

The long dress plays with fashions and eras. It is the timeless garment for women to have absolutely in your wardrobe! It reassures the modest, fills the romantics with an ultra feminine touch and adapts perfectly to all occasions. However, the long dress is available in so many models that we sometimes do not know where to look.

The many preconceived ideas about the long dress prevent us from taking the plunge: “Long dresses, they suck”, “Impossible to wear a long dress at work, it’s too much beach dress” or, on the contrary, “The gg dress it’s reserved for VIP evenings, we’re not at the Cannes Film Festival! “.

The fear of fashion faux pas paralyzes us and we deprive ourselves of this essential of the wardrobe! No way to spend any longer next to this good basic. What criteria should we use to choose a long dress? How to wear long dresses with style? What accessories can we associate with the long dress? We give you all the tips to know how to choose and wear a long dress whatever your morphology!

Choosing the right long dress

It allows you to compose an infinite range of outfits, from the most casual to the most elegant.

But what criteria should be taken into account to choose the model that will particularly highlight you? Here is a short guide to choosing the right maria b sarees according to your figure and knowing which length to opt for.

Each figure has its long dress

In order to flatter your figure, it is rather advisable to choose your long dress according to its morphology:

• A-shape morphology (marked waist, shoulders narrower than your hips): the long flowing and flowing dresses are yours to mark the waist and enhance your head wearing with thin straps or worked shoulders! It is indeed about highlighting your shoulders, your neck and your cleavage.

• H-morphology (shoulders, hips and waist in the same alignment): the waist is not marked, so avoid long dresses that are too tight at the waist. We therefore prefer the low-waisted long dress or the empire dress tightened under the bust with a flattering neckline. The only exceptions to this rule are very thin silhouettes, on which long dresses close to the body and cinched at the waist will be particularly rewarding.

• X-shaped morphology (hips and shoulders in the same alignment and narrower waist): it is about highlighting your waist as much as possible by opting for a fitted or belted long dress model. For example, the wrap dress and the straight dress close to the body and fitted will suit you perfectly!

The length and cut of the dress: tips for a stylish look

Midi cut, asymmetrical, 7/8, ankle-length or maxi size up to the feet, it’s up to you to choose the model that suits you! Depending on the desired look, we can nevertheless favor certain long dresses over others:

• long slit dresses that reveal just the right amount are ideal for composing a sensual and glamorous outfit.

• For a gipsy look : we love the ruffles and the very loose and vaporous models!

• For a working-girl style : a shape that is closer to the body but not tight is perfect to accompany you during your working days

• For a cowboy touch : put aside light fabrics and put on suede or denim.