A 6-Item Household Cleaning Checklist Before Welcoming The New Year


The new year is a celebration that allows you to start fresh. It could be a personal, career, or financial goal. As you ready yourself for a new chapter, it’d be wonderful if you could start by preparing for a clean home.

There’s no better way to celebrate the new year with a clean and polished house. It’ll give you a home that’s pleasing to the eyes as no clutter would be right around the corner. Moreover, listed below are the household cleaning checklist before welcoming the new year:

1. Prepare Your Rubbish Removal Method

After cleaning your home for the new year, expect that you’ll be gathering plenty of rubbish that you don’t know where to throw. While waiting for the garbage truck to arrive will work, there are some rubbish that they might not be able to accommodate, especially if they’re huge such as furniture or large appliance.

For an organized clean-up, you might want to consider hiring a skip bin or same-day rubbish removal. With a rubbish removal service, you’ll no longer have to do the heavy work as they’ll be the ones to carry the object and bring it to their trucks for you. You should look for the best team that can serve your home. You can read some reviews online like the one from the team at Same-Day Rubbish as they have honest reviews about their experience with the company’s service.

2. Deep Clean Sofa, Mattress, And Carpet 

You’d be surprised to see how much dirt and dust that your sofa, mattress, and carpet accumulated over the past few months. Ideally, it’d help to deep clean them once every six months. For a fresh start, you can begin the process before the new year, so you’ll have a clean home free from dirt and other bacteria that might cause diseases.

Ideally, it’d help to deep clean your mattress and sofa outside of your home since it can get quite messy during the process. Moreover, remove any floor furniture for your carpet for a spotless floor. You can also hire a deep cleaning service that can do all of the hard work for you.

3. Wash Your Pillows

Over the year of daily use, your pillows can get quite dirty, affecting their quality. Preferably, it’d help if you wash your pillows at least once a year to remove any dust, dirt, oil, and dead skin. In most cases, you can wash your pillows with a gentle cycle. However, you should still check the care tag and see any specific instructions.

As you wash your pillows, ensure that they’re entirely dry before putting them back in your bed. Damp pillows can easily attract molds and mildew, raising health concerns. Ideally, it’d be best if you put your pillows in multiple dry cycles or air dry them out in the sun. As they dry, you can now arrange your bedroom and allow it to be cozy and clean.

4. Check Towels And Beddings

With the daily use of your towels and beddings, you can expect them to get worn out quickly. Before you welcome the new year, you should give your linen closet a quick inspection and see which ones can still make it for the new year and the ones you need to get rid of. 

For your worn towels, you can reuse them as beach towels or doggie bath towels. Alternatively, you can always donate some worn beddings and linens to any shelter, giving them a great start. As you check your towels and beddings, now would be a great time to reorganize them by use and season, allowing you easy access and preventing you from rampaging through your linen.

5. Dust Light Fixtures And Ceiling Fans

Even if you don’t get close to your lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, they can get highly dusty over the past few months. To welcome a new beginning with a clean home, you should dust your light fixtures and ceiling fans as a part of your cleaning routine.

When cleaning your light fixtures and ceiling fans, ensure that you keep yourself safe as much as possible. Use a sturdy step ladder to avoid any wiggly surface. For higher areas, you should consider using a vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about tiptoeing to reach them. Additionally, it might also be a great time to dust your entire ceiling as well.

6. Clean Your Kitchen

Regular wiping of your kitchen countertops won’t be enough for kitchen cleaning. Since you use your kitchen to prepare meals, it’ll only be necessary to keep the area clean at all times. Apart from wiping, cleaning the appliance and kitchen cabinets would certainly be helpful. 

You can begin by wiping down the inside and outside of your appliance. You can also take out any crumbs from your toaster. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to clean your refrigerator as well. There might be plenty of expired goods lying around, taking over usable space inside. 


As you welcome the new year, it’d certainly give yourself and your home a fresh start when you begin it with a clean household. While the process can be tiring, it’ll be worth it as you can see a tidy home, perfect for spending with your family and friends.