Facebook Cover Photo Maker with the Best & Unique Templates

Do you know anyone who is not using Facebook Cover Photo Maker these days? Don’t stress your mind, it’s impossible to find such peeps!

From teenagers to businessmen, everyone knows how important it is to make the profile dashing, lovable & impactful at first glance. The logic is simple; your Facebook profile is either fantastic or nothing. 

Facebook Cover Photo Maker

You can do a lot more in the standard facebook post size. Be it a business Facebook page or an individual’s profile, the cover background must be awe-struck. (Take it as a golden rule for this social media platform)

We will show you how to create unique facebook page covers & steal the show with top-notch Facebook banner background ideas.

How to use Facebook Cover Photo Maker for impressive FB Banners?

It’s as easy as 123 to use Facebook Cover Templates. Let us illustrate the process that is cut short to three simple steps as follows:

1. Browse Good Covers for Facebook with PhotoADKing

First things first, you should be clear with what kind of Facebook cover you want to flaunt. And, if not, you can always navigate the range of fresh & trending FB cover photos at PhotoADKing. You have over 100+ Facebook Cover designs to choose from.

Here you can find the best cover idea that’s already customized keeping several purposes in mind. 

facebook cover

Scroll through enchanting Facebook covers & you will surely find the one you are looking for. I bet you will never have enough of this collection as it always has brewing templates to crush over.

As you find your match, just click on the template & you’ll be taken to the editor interface as below…

2. Customize Facebook Banner Background with convenient Editor

The selected template is visible in the middle of the Editor while you always have more alternatives on the left-side panel. In case, if you change your mind, you can choose another template therein & start without wasting time.

Okay now, here the process begins. As illustrated here, you can edit the text & background image. You have got innumerable typography styles & pictures for cover photos to choose from. Besides this, you are empowered with controls that make it a professional experience.

customize background

Look at the extreme left panel, using which you can manage uploads, add essential elements, add image, and access 3D Editor too. Also, you can take cover making to the next level with the controls on the right-side panel i.e. Editor & Layout. 

Download Facebook Cover Background in the desired Format instantly

Once you’re done with the editing stuff, you can download your Facebook Cover photo immediately. To make it easier for you, different file types are available so you can save the cover design as you wish. 

Download facebook cover photo

The bonus feature is a one-click share. Get the shareable link instantly or simply post it hereafter by logging in to your social media profile.

So simple, isn’t it?

Now let’s move to the truly ravishing Facebook cover photos you’ll adore.

30 Handpicked Facebook Cover Photo Template Designs

1. Love cover photo for Facebook

Not particularly for lovey-dovey couples, there are instances when even businesses want to go with this theme. For example, Valentine Week celebrations, Anniversary party lounge, and so on. Pick any of these scintillating templates themed especially as Love Cover Photo for Facebook. Don’t forget the special mention quote for the Facebook cover photo.

Love cover photo for Facebook

2. Facebook cover photo abstract

The simplest, popular & most used Facebook covers are none other than abstract ones. They are very versatile & can fit with any concept seamlessly. This is why they are so loved amongst them all. Abstract Facebook Cover Photos are full of life & are great to share your mind. So, why not?

Facebook cover photo abstract

3. Music Facebook cover photos

Imaging your recent music launch or the undying love for music via Facebook cover image is not a bad idea! If you are someone who wants profile visitors to see Music Facebook Cover Photos first, we have the sensational designs here.

Music Facebook cover photos

Right from the electrifying colors to neon splash & everything that surrounds your love for music, you have great choices to make with us. Show away your passion for musical instruments with upbeat cover templates.

4. Minimalist cover photo

Flashy & sassy is a hit idea but the minimalist clan has a distinct fan-base too. Here are some handpicked minimalist cover photos that gel with any idea held in your mind. A sophisticated combination of text & background with essential graphics will get your job done in a few minutes only.

Minimalist cover photo

At times, when you aren’t clear with which designs you should choose for the FB cover, a minimalist one is a go-to choice of all the times. No matter if you are a startup business, big shot enterprise, or just one of the laymen willing to give FB profile makeover, it works for all peoples with Indian Stock Images!

5. Yoga Facebook cover photos

The most popular choice of Yoga institutes, gym freaks & for Yoga Day/Week celebrations, these Yoga Facebook Cover Photos is trending choices.

Minimalist cover photo

What makes these Yoga FB templates so wanted is the sensibility of design we have put in. Save a lot of time with these versatile templates with syncing typography & background images in combination. If you don’t want to customize it entirely, simply replace the text & use the cover. What else can be so incredibly convenient?

6. Unique Facebook covers for Fashion & Beauty

The Fashion & Beauty industry runs on show off. Whether you agree or not, you cannot crack the goals until you make it in the eyes of your audience. Why don’t you start it with Fashion & beauty Facebook covers like these…

Unique Facebook covers for Fashion & Beauty

7. Facebook Cover Images for sale discount & offers

You cannot miss out on creating a buzz on social media during the sale season, right? Have a check on these stupendous sales, offers & discounts images that are ready-to-use. Personalize the color scheme, replace the text, or upload images of your choice using social media post maker. That’s all!

Facebook Cover Images for sale discount & offers

What a sparkling range of sales images, aren’t they?!

8. Facebook Banner Background for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means making the brand soar high where everyone else is rushing in the race. To stay in the game, you will need to have this impactful Facebook banner background for digital marketing. In today’s article, we will discuss the method used to get 100k subscribers for your blog.

Facebook Banner Background for Digital Marketing

Best for digital marketers as well as anyone who is planning social media promotional strategies, these banners are win-win with social media post maker. Digital marketing agencies looking for free resources to promote client’s businesses, here’s your call!

9. Attractive FB Covers for Florists

FB covers are for one and all, even if you have a flower business, gift store, or simply love flowers. Like every other business, we also have gorgeous suggestions for florists. Pick any of the bounty floral Facebook cover templates & hook your fans.

 Attractive FB Covers for Florists

Take this as a chance to increase page likes. Regardless of you trying a lot to get popular, these bright flower templates will speak elegance for you. Just personalize it with the flowers you sell & add the specialty for your profile visitors to know why they should visit/order from you.

10. Facebook Cover Templates for Event

Announcing events can be better done with the relevant event Facebook Cover Templates. Whatever the occasion is, you can make it big with your FB fans by updating the cover picture.

Facebook Cover Templates for Event

Of the many purposes behind creating Facebook covers, the event announcement remains the most common one. With the basic details like event date, venue & a promotional picture, you are all set to make it worthwhile.

P.S. many of the Facebook followers get an overall idea about how grand the event is by just seeing the Facebook cover photo. So, why don’t you assure it with these professional-approved templates?

Hundreds of Latest Facebook Covers & Banners are waiting for you…

Anytime you think ‘How do I create a FB Cover Banner‘, we have brought a permanent solution, right?

Each of your favorite FB cover categories is covered here. Also, it’s not possible to bring the entire collection here. So, it will be great if you spare a few of your precious time to check out the awesomeness at PhotoADKing. You will never be disappointed by the mindful & creative Facebook banners crafted only for you.

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