Experience Of Choose To Buy A Good Computer

With today’s technology, to own a computer is not too difficult.

Only about 4-5 million VND, you already have a relative Laptop. But how do you not be fooled and buy the best computer for your money?

OK! This article will share with you the necessary experience before deciding to buy a computer. In this article, I will prioritize talking about buying a laptop, a desktop computer (PC) will probably be much easier.


Experience of buying a new computer (Laptop). Checkout these budget laptops for programming under 30000.

First you need to determine what to buy a computer for? Study or play Game? And how much money will you decide to spend on computers?

Some of you asked me for advice but they said a very vague and unclear purpose. Something like: When I ask you how to buy a computer, I only get answers like:

“I buy a computer to study, I buy an office computer, I buy a computer to play games, or I buy a computer to learn programming … ..”

Well, if I say so, it will be really difficult for the consultant, and the asker gets a vague configuration like the answer!

Let me describe more clearly for you to understand…. Oh! Forgot..

Before going to buy computers, you should visit big supermarkets such as Amazon, Ebay … for reference first. The price is the same because of the competition.

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The reason I recommend that you go for a walk first is to see the designs and product designs. Because if bought in small stores will be very few models and can be “cut” much more expensive.

1. Some general notes

The current laptop market is extremely rich, with thousands of different Laptop models, spoiled for you to choose from.

Demand for laptop shopping for work, study, as well as entertainment is very high, that is why the laptop shops grow like mushrooms after rain, present in all alleys, street corners.

That is, I am talking about the Offline market, ie the physical market, people rent shops to do business. The online market is also crowded and more aggressive than that.

So, in order to buy a quality Laptop worth the money you spend, avoid buying refurbished laptops from less reputable units, you need to note a few things as follows:

Choose a large and reputable unit to buy. It is best to have a clear address.

Check that the computer has the manufacturer’s full, original stamp on it.

Check the SN, PM, Servicetag number on the machine and on the case and the BIOS for the match.

Please get the SP, PN, Servicetag number of that computer => and check on the website of the company to see if the information is correct or not.

To check if the machine is “boiled” or not, follow these steps:

Ask the seller to commit the machine is intact (just like what the OEM makes, has not been changed the configuration – even if the seller reports that the device has “upgraded” for you – don’t be foolish to believe it) .

Check the printed information outside the box. Check the information on the box such as serial number, manufacture, Service Tag, date of manufacture…. all information should be clear and match the machine (you may need to access the BIOS to check more information).

Ask the seller to print for you the machine number, part number, as well as related documents that the seller gets from the manufacturer. If the seller cannot provide it, up to 99% of the product is “dirty”. For supermarkets / large stores, this step is not required.

Check the model number of the machine, charger number, PIN, DVD, RAM, HDD with the code on the papers of the manufacturer.

Compare product prices (This step is also quite important. If the price is too low compared to the common ground, you need to raise questions). Although the “common ground price” was actually pushed up relative to the manufacturer’s price, it could not be too cheap compared to the market price.

2. Buy an office computer

Buying an office computer for example, usually an office computer will not require high configuration, because most office people working with Excel, Word … are in the Office suite.

However, it is important to note that, when buying an office computer, you need to consider the work factor as well.

If you frequently have to do many tasks at the same time, which means you will use multiple programs / software at the same time or work with multiple windows at the same time, you need to choose computers that are capable of multitasking. good => you should choose a computer with a little RAM.

On the contrary, if you work with a few applications at the same time, it is not necessary to have very high configuration.

3. Buy a Laptop to study

Learn here that you can edit documents like Word, Excel, … use Photoshop to edit photos, or make videos, surf the Web in your spare time …

For this you only need a 13’3 or 14 inch laptop with 2-core CPU configuration and integrated GPU, such as Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 CPU, Core i5 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chip.

4. Buy a Laptop / PC to play games

The game is divided into many types of games, there are many games that are very light and can be said as OFFICE GAME. It does not require too high a configuration where you guys, even office computers can still respond well.

In this section, I just share with you the experience of choosing to buy a computer to play games with high configuration requirements, to play heavy games, great games. Games like mystic messenger can also be played on a laptop. But sometimes, finding the right email guide can be tough. To get away with that, you can find all answers here.

Laptops for gaming, surely the price will be much higher than popular laptops. To play a great game, you need to have a terrible configuration, must have a CPU, a discrete GPU and RAM, and a large hard drive. And the amount is also proportional to the configuration of the machine, the game console is not less than 20 million.

Gaming Laptop monitors should buy larger sizes like 14, 15, 17 or 18 inches. The computer configuration and the ability to upgrade the hardware will be proportional to the size, the bigger the machine, the heavier it is and the easier to upgrade.

Computer configuration: 4-core CPU, discrete GPU of nVIDIA or AMD. 8GB RAM or higher and 500GB hard drive or more, can include an SSD drive to speed up data retrieval. You can also check F95 Zone for gaming.

=> If you are planning to play games on a laptop, you should invest in computers with discrete graphics cards such as ASUS ROG or MSI.

But, if you are not too focused on graphics but just play popular titles like WOW, DOTA2, LOL … or old AAA titles like Skyrim, you can still count on Iris graphics. on Intel Core chips. Look for chip models with Iris 580, 550 or 540 GPUs.

The Intel HD Graphics 520 and 530 are also powerful enough to play 4K video but still pretty much inferior to Iris.

It should be noted that the core clock is not as important as the number of processing units. Depending on the game title, 48 EUs on Iris 540 can deliver 35% better graphics performance than 24 EUs on HD 520.

In general, for the computer to play games, you need to focus on the video card and the graphics processing chip (CPU). If you are playing a game that requires a separate graphics card/chip, you can try the Nvidia GeForce and AMD / ATI Radeon series! These are all very good options for you.

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5. Buy a laptop for entertainment (listening to music/watching movies)

Talking about this need is quite simple, you just need to answer yourself the following questions:

Are you interested in computer screen resolutions? Do you need to watch movies in 1080p or 4K quality? If the answer is yes, you should choose the monitors corresponding to the resolution you are wishing to see.

Do you need a Blu-ray, CD or DVD disc? If so, look for computers that support these devices.

6. Buy a computer for making graphics / movies

In general, for the computer to do graphics / editing, you need to pay attention to a number of important factors as follows:

The faster the CPU processing speed (clock speed), the better I recommend at least 2GHz or more. The more cores, the better, at least it must be 2 cores.

RAM: The amount of RAM for the computer to do graphics, editing, requires a lot to be fine. Usually at least 8 GB RAM, but I’d better recommend if you did in this area then 16 GB RAM would be more reasonable.

Personal Video Card / Graphics Processor: I recommend the nVidia GeForce series or NVIDIA Quadro series of cards. This card machine Render video is the standard off the table Otherwise, you can try using the AMD / ATI Radeon see, although not equal to the first 2 children mentioned, but basically still OK.

=> Well, basically, choose to buy a computer to do graphics, edit movies, render videos, you need to pay attention to those points.

7. Buy a computer to Live Streaming

If you are a Streaming Game, I do not discuss more, because normally the computer to play GAME is more than enough to meet the needs of Live Streaming 😀

If you are simply an online seller, Live Streaming games with basic configuration, you can choose CPUs or video cards with integrated technologies such as:

nVidia NVENC: Integrated in graphics card, implement video encoding, reduce CPU load .. (See more here!)

Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV): Built in CPU, support for video rendering faster. (See more here!)

AMD Video Coding Engine (VCE): Video processing algorithm, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC video decoder. (See more here!)

Then enable them at the app you use for Live Streaming, such as OBS Studio, Mirrilis Action! or Camtasia Studio for example.  If you are looking for Haskell Programming help here is the best solution you can have.

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Above are the experiences of buying a Laptop or PC that you need to know before deciding to buy a new or old computer.

The electronics are also very bad when you test there, but when you come home, you have small problems, so it is best if you buy an old computer, you should buy it at home, in the store. network and then lose money injustice.

Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you success!

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