Use Your Imagination and Creativity by Making DIY Garage Shelves

Having a garage space is very helpful, especially for those who have cars. Aside from parking, this is often where you put some valuable things, including tools and other stuff, to keep them organized. Not until there is not enough space to keep them all inside.

Thinking about how to fit everything inside your garage? Well, it is not an option at all because all you need is to organize them perfectly. Having them correctly sorted will help to organize garage space.

Building garage shelves is one solution you can do. Besides, you can resolve the problem of not enough spaces; you can save more money than building another garage. Aside from that, you only need a handful of materials available in the market. Here are some DIY garage shelves you can try in the comfort of your home.

DIY Garage Shelves Types

Wooden Shelves

First on the list is by crafting wood and turning it into shelves. Aside from this being much cheaper, you can easily make it with no problem. It is also the easiest medium to work with as it is accessible where you can find it easily without delay.

You can craft it according to your style and design. Adjust the length with the space you need and have it formed by the height you need. The shelves must withstand the weight of the material you will use to break off easily.

This will also last for a long time, depending on the type of wood you’ll use. The durability of this depends if it is not always getting wet and not being attacked by termites where woods are vulnerable. That is why it is essential to choose the quality of the wood on the market and regularly check your shelves’ status.

Metal Shelves

Well, if wood is not your option, metal will probably do. It might be the toughest among all the materials you’ll probably use in making shelves. It could withstand any weight and is not most likely to break off easily. Metal shelves are much more convenient because they require less maintenance.

It will probably last for decades and decades if adequately managed. You can put heavy-weight materials in it without worrying. Thus rust will be your greatest enemy, so all you need is to use a polisher and coat the metal against rust. Please give it a perfect form to give out the purpose it possesses.

Wire Shelves

Another perfect option is by having wire shelves. Yet it comes with so much creativity and works to do. The unique output is all worth it. It doesn’t require much money, thus requiring more time for you to accomplish and attach.

It comes so durable in which you can place paint cans and gallons. It could withstand heavy items, nearly like with metal shelves. Yet, it would help if you did it with patience and creativity to make the perfect shelves out of it.

How to do DIY Garage Shelves?

Be it hanging or not; you need garage shelves to keep you more space within. Create one among these shelves of ideas and be amazed at how perfectly organized your garage will be. Here are the thoughts you needed to keep in mind first and the process you need to follow to do such a thing.

Choose Your Material

Whether metal or wood, you need first to choose the material you think of. Besides the material, you also need to gather necessary materials according to the primary material you’ll use, including a saw, hammer, nails, screws, and hanging you need ledgers. In that case, you will not face any problem when starting doing your crafts until finishing the shelves.

Measure the Space and Create a Clear Plan

Choose the spot where you will put your shelves. It must be in a place where you can easily access any of the items you need, and it will hinder none of the significant activity inside your garage. Correctly measure the length and width according to the size of the items you will put in and the height you have so you can grab them with ease.

Plan the sequence and the outcome of your shelves. You can graph it so that you will have a blueprint where you could copy it.

Start Crafting

If all have been set, start gathering the materials and tools you will need. Plan and design the shelves you want to achieve. Begin your crafts on the shelves. Cut The woods according to the desired length and width properly. If the shelves are being hanged, attach them with ledgers and mark the spot where you will put them.

Remember, you only had one chance when you already cut the wood into pieces, so be careful and stick with the plan you have. But, if you doubt doing it alone, you can call for help with anyone who will confidently do the task.


Thinking about creating one option and have the procedure followed? Well, you can still look up other designs you could do on the internet. Remember that all you have to do is follow these simple steps to keep you going upon creating one not to be bothered. 

These are some thousand garage shelves’ ideas you could do your own. Discover a more unique and underlying style that will help you with the problem you have with having not enough space in your garage. Have it your way! Have your garage a total makeover by having some DIY garage shelves.

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