CCNP Service Provider Exam: Things To Know

CCNP Service Provider
CCNP Service Provider

This certification is essential for working in operator networks and aiming to gain knowledge for working in NGN – Next Generation Networks. With the receipt of CCNP Service Provider, knowledge of the leading provider technologies – BGP, MPLS, QoS, and practical skills in managing the infrastructure of the operator’s network are confirmed.

Courses Needed for CCNP Service Provider

  • SPNGN1 1.0 – Building a modern provider network, part 1 (Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1)
  • SPNGN2 1.0 – Building a modern provider network, part 2 (Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2)

Courses to prepare for outdated certification are usually not on the schedule – to clarify the possibilities, training program, dates and prices, write us a request, and we will help.

Renewal of certification

To renew your CCNP Service Provider certification, you must meet any of the following conditions:

  • Successfully pass any Associate exam;
  • Successfully pass any exam of the Professional level – either Core or Concentration (these are 350-nnn and 300-nnn series, respectively);
  • Successfully pass the CCIE hands-on lab ;
  • CCNP Service Provider certification is out of date and cannot be renewed. Perhaps it will go “into the test” for some newer ones.

Exams for Cisco CCNP Service Provider

Required exams (core exams):

To obtain CCNP Service Provider certification, you must pass:

  • 350-501 SPCOR


  • 300-510 SPRI
  • 300-515 SPVI
  • 300-535 SPAUTO

Some Tips For The Exam:

Using two languages ​​in preparation, we better perceive the material being studied and at the same time get used to English technical terms and generally improve our English in general.

As for laboratory work and practice, here, simulators and emulators will help us. According to Cisco, the functionality of the Cisco Packet Tracer program is sufficient for the CCNP course. I agree with them, and I can say that in preparation for CCNP, the cisco packet tracer is much more convenient than gns3. I only had to use GNS3 in the Frame Relay theme.

I will not give any specific recommendations about books for preparing for CCNP. There are a lot of them on the Internet. In my opinion, when preparing for the exam, the main thing is to use resources like Spoto 350-501 SPCOR dumps, then no problems should arise. There are also various video courses on CCNP, which can be downloaded. They can also be used to understand the material better.

Why Should You Give The Exam In English?

  • A sea of ​​books, communities, blogs and sites in English
  • The exam in English lasts 30 minutes longer
  • Learning technical English along the way
  • Preparation for subsequent exams is simplified since you will already know most of the terms
  • The perception of the material becomes more difficult due to the need to translate unfamiliar words
  • In my opinion, it is necessary to use both options when preparing for the CCNP, but the exam itself should be taken only in English.

Other Cisco certifications

At the moment, obtaining the Cisco CCNP Service Provider certification is not a requirement for any of the following certificate (as it was before, for example, with CCNP: Security -> CCNA: Security, when the senior was not assigned without obtaining the junior). Perhaps the situation will change in the future, so the lack of a “career” does not really affect the value of certification.