7 Main Tips You Just Need to Know Before Purchasing a Smart TV


1. Screen size – Make sure your TV has a screen size that fits with the decor of your room. If your room size is small, you can try looking for a 32 inch smart TV, and if it is big like the drawing-room, you can check the 55 inches or 65 inch TV.

For example, a samsung 32 inch tv could be a great choice if searching for a smaller TV. It comes with exceptional features like screen monitoring, music system, content guide, an ultra-clean view which ensures you have a wonderful experience with your TV.

2. Screen Resolution – The screen’s resolution is the number of pixels that make the pictures on the screen.The higher the pixel count, the better the image. For a long time, people preferred full HD, but now the focus has shifted to 4k Ultra HD sets. They have four times better pixels than HD TVs.

In the 4k Ultra high-definition TVs, you can watch the smallest object with outstanding clarity and detailed resolution. However, with the advancement of technology, we now even have 8K resolution in the market.

3. HDMI Connections – It is important to check if the TV you buy has enough HDMI inputs. They are used for several things like connecting a soundbar, game console, or a Chromecast.

4. Refresh rate – The refresh rate measures the amount of time a picture is refreshed in a second. The standard rate is 60 times in a second. The new models which are being manufactured have higher refresh rates that provide better pictures. In the current market, customers should not buy TVs having a lesser than 120 Hz refresh rate.

5. Contrast Ratio – The better contrast ratio provides better quality of pictures. The contrast ratio helps more when you are watching TV in a dark room. It also enhances the picture and gives you the best quality of screen experience.

6. Audio output – Although smart TVs provide you with the best picture quality, most budget-friendly TVs do not have an excellent audio output. You can buy a soundbar along with the large TVs to enjoy the better sound quality.

7. Smart TV platform – Modern smart TVs can be linked to the internet by wifi or other networks like Bluetooth. Through them, you can access the internet on the TV, also browse through media from your phone storage.

If you have a smart TV, installing and using many streaming services and apps is not always necessary because many of them just occupy space and clutter the TV. Instead, focus on the quality and integrity of the streaming apps you have, like popular OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Regional platforms like BBC iPlayer.

TV has been a significant source of information and entertainment for quite some time. Modern TVs have also allowed us to access OTT platforms, surf the internet, and play games, making television sets exciting and useful. These are the seven tips that will help you select the best smart tv suitable for your home.

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