5 Virtual Ways to Remember Moms Who Are No Longer With You

Most women can bear children, but not all are qualified to be ‘mothers’. A mum is a million persons wrapped up in one body. Ever imagined taking up different jobs without prior training and still be expected to perform such duties as a professional? That is what a mum does!

A mum is a nurse, party planner, counselor, chauffeur, chef, conflict resolver, teacher, playmate, housekeeper, laundry attendant, accountant, babysitter, and so much more. These professions, she carries out with love and attention.

A mother’s love can only be compared to a few things in this life. The bond a mother shares with her child is almost incomparable. The display of a mother’s love for her child can be found in little but special moments; these moments often are overlooked sometimes.

Princess Diana once said, “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” Such simple things like a kiss or hug from a mother to her child can go a long way to lift a child’s spirit on a bad day. A mother’s warm embrace is enough to comfort a child through troubles. 

Unfortunately, some people can no longer receive that mother’s magic touch due to the distance of living apart or, worse still, death, a journey of no return. 

According to Yeshiva University neuroscientist Lucy Brown, the withdrawal symptoms experienced in the brain from the separation from a loved one can be likened to one experienced when a drug addict quits.

If you are living apart from your mother or lost one, you have found the right help. This article would help you cope with the heartbreak of staying far from a mother or losing a mother. We would consider five virtual things you can do to remember moms that are no longer with you. 

1.Keep A Memory Of Her

One personal way to remember someone dear to your heart which is no longer with you is to keep an item of sentimental value to them. It could be something as simple as a piece of clothing, a drinking cup, and the list goes on.

Some people have discovered collecting pictures or mementos of their mum helpful. You can also decide to remember events or stories and put them into a journal, possibly an online journal like Penzu or Journey. Cloud to avoid losing such memories. 

However, whatever type of item you wish to gather, it would be more helpful to keep articles that trigger only pleasant memories.

Another possible way of keeping your mum’s memory is to use her photos in places you often visit, like the wallpaper of your mobile phone or your computer. 

You can even decide to collect pictures of her, frame them and place them where you can see them always, like your office desk, sitting room, or even inner room.

2.Call Or Facetime Her

Seeing your mom’s face or hearing her soothing voice every day is one luxury you must have taken for granted when you stayed with her. But then you feel the importance of those seemingly simple things when you start living away from her or when she dies.

This particular loss can be hard to bear. Therefore, hearing that familiar voice again, seeing that face again can go a long way to help you. If your mum is still alive, but you are no longer with her, why don’t you pick up your phone and make that phone call? 

Technology has made it easier for us to communicate with people living in several countries apart from messaging apps, phone calls, and even facetime. So, what are you waiting for?

3.Do Something Together Virtually.

To some people, their mum was their best friend and a great company. They could do virtually everything in the company of their mom; cooking, cleaning, playing games, or even watching movies together.

While it is true that the days of performing such activities with your mom has become history, all hope is not lost. Fortunately, the internet has also made it possible to relive those memories, though virtually.

With a device like an iPad, you can cook with your mum, play games with her, run a virtual race together, or even plan a picnic. During or after the end of those activities, you can exchange pictures or even talk about the events. 

Another activity you can also do together online with your mum is to watch movies together. How is this possible? With recent features like Netflix party or Teleparty, you can watch movies online with your mum at the same time.

4.Support A Cause That Mattered To Her

While staying with your mom, or while she was still alive, you must have noticed a cause she cared deeply about or a charity she loves. It could also be that she died while battling with an illness, and there is an organization supporting those suffering from that sickness.

One way to help you remember your mum or even put a smile on her face is to send a donation to that organization or support the cause if she is still alive. You can even set up a fundraiser or a charity run to raise money or even organize an online crowdfunding program and invite friends and family to contribute.

It is factual knowledge that giving makes one happy; therefore, even if your mom is not alive to appreciate your efforts, you would be satisfied, knowing you have done something good for yourself and your mum. 

5.Use The Messages From Mom App

Like withdrawal symptoms from a drug, the loss of a mother can lead to self-destructive practices. A person might lack the motivation to move on and live properly; daily routine affected, meal patterns changes, etc.,

Imagine having an app that can serve as an ‘assistant virtual mum.’ An app that can do some of the things that your mom does typically for you. Well, stop imagining and start living it instead with the Messages From Mom app.

Messages from Mom is an app designed to help people dealing with the loss of a mom. By providing regular comfort and companionship, MM believes that these would help individuals cope.

By setting up the app with crucial information like your nickname, birthday, hobbies, and wake-up time, MM would provide you with words of encouragement, birthday wishes, reminders, inspirational quotes, and motivational messages to help.

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The pain of losing a mom can tear one apart and destabilize more than anything else. However, the fact that your mum is no longer with you doesn’t mean you should forget everything about her.

Helpful tips like keeping memories, phone calls, or facetime, and doing things together online can go a long way to comfort you and remember your mum. Also, with the Messages from Mom app, you can receive words of encouragement, inspirational, and motivational quotes that a mom usually gives.

In the end, no one can ever replace mom. But knowing where to find comfort when you miss them is what we’ve shared in this article, and we hope you found these recommendations helpful. Also, search laundry service near me.

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