5 Effective Ways To Help Kids Learn Dictation Words

Ways To Help Kids Learn Dictation Words

Does your child also find it daunting to remember his or her 6th-grade dictation words or failed to utilize the learned words in their daily lives? 

Almost every child struggles with learning and memorizing new words and their uses either from their native language or other second languages. Introducing fun learning methods is especially important for kids who are often having trouble learning new language terms. To resolve such obstacles and prevent being discouraged, overwhelmed, and unable to change, kids who fail to spell a word and mess up certain alphabets need polite and supportive guidance.

The child’s gained knowledge isn’t being put to good use is often a reason for most parents’ concern. Even though kids perform exceptionally in a dictation test, parents and teaching staff often argue about implementing the learned knowledge because kids do not transfer the intellectual information to reading, writing and daily conversations. To put it in another way, the kids only interpret in a test and then spew all the learned dictation words afterwards.

Although, we’ve got a solution for this problem. Below is a list of 5 effective yet enjoyable ways that will help your kid learn and retain his/her dictation words for a longer time. 

  1. Teach, Touch And Type

There are very few methods that allow words to stick in children’s head for a longer time. However, practising the dictation words repeatedly while trying to understand their usage will work wonderfully in retaining the word in the memory.

Assist your child with his or her dictation words by allowing them to type their words on a computer repetitively or until they get fully aware of the letters and their proper placement in the word, also teach them the correct meaning and usage of the word so that they can utilize the learned words in their written or communicating tasks.

  1. Play Games To Practice

Learning dictation for class 6 can be a big struggle for kids, and teaching them through basic learning tactics will get them exhausted and stressed instantly. Slipping in some word games to build the interest of your child in learning and motivate them to try harder till they get the words correct can be a clever way. Below is a list of some fun and interesting word games you can play with your child.

  • Hangman 
  • Word searches
  • Scrabble 
  • Boggle 
  • Crosswords
  • Letter Tycoon
  • Last word
  1. Videos Can Make Spellings Better

Most of the time, learning and practising dictation words through written methods don’t work that effectively, and they can get a little tiring for a child. That is why here is a trick that is a little out of the box, but it will help your child learn the words by just putting a little focus and sharp hearing skills.

All you have to do is to record some enjoyable teaching sessions for your child by dictating each of the dictation words, letter by letter, through a recording camera. You can film these sessions by yourself or along with your child. Later on, re-watch the video clips with your child and let him or her learn the words by listening to them.

  1. Use Flashcards To Learn Spellings

Flashcards have been used as a teaching tool for a long time and are believed to be an effective way to introduce new words to them. Make your flashcards by noting down the dictation words your kid is learning on the one side of the notecard and their definitions on the other side. After that, let your kid go through all the flashcards on his or her own along with their meanings and then repeating the word out loud and spelling it letter by letter aloud.

  1. Spellquiz

Learning from online platforms comes with several benefits and is comparatively more effective than classroom learning. Online learning platforms provide you with a vast number of learning options to choose from. You can select any learning method of your interest and start your practice.

Spell quiz is a unique online learning platform that offers both fun and exciting methods of learning vocabulary words or ESL. Spellingcity is the latest feature in the spell quiz website, effectively serving parents and teachers with the newest spelling activities that can assist their children and students in learning new words effectively.